GAOP: Dip Dye Dots

photoDip a dee doo dah, dip a dee dayyy…

Wait the song doesn’t go like that, doesn’t it? Ah well.. Hey! My pink tips are back.  Pinker than ever.

All thanks to my awesome sis. She also bleached my roots twice now too. I have a budding hairdresser for a sister, that’s pretty handy for someone who can’t stay away from coloured hair. I wanted to try grayish blonde hair but my mom told me that I might not look quite professional. I’m supposed to be a teacher after all. And so the yellowhead stays. I still love it anyways. (I’ll try the gray when I actually get a job and the staff are cool with it hehe..)

Anywhoo outfit post time!
Ehrmahgerd we’re shooting outdoors now. What an improvement. It’s been a while since we shot outdoors. It’s great for the photos, I’d like to do this more often. It’s mostly my fault why we haven’t shot outdoors for a while (since our last move, wow I wasn’t even blonde then). Our place doesn’t have a yard…that means shooting outside on the street. Good for photos as you can tell but it feels weird (we’re near the main road) with cars and people.

One lady was taking forever to take her rubbish bins I almost told my sister to pack up and go back inside hahah.
(Leaf, help me out of my awkwardness)
But for the love of good photos and lighting we soldier on, even if I freak out a little when too many cars pass by (it was 1:30 why were there cars there?).
Photos aside I love this dress. I love polka dots, it’s such a classic. So you know, I went with the pearls and pumps route with this one.
There’s an upgrade to this chic classic. My pink dip dye and a hole at the back. I’m quite comfortable with it (even though I’m not much for revealing backs) because the hole is small and high enough that you don’t need a special bra or something. Cut outs are a trendy thing but I’m not a big fan of bras that peak through (when it shouldn’t).

Mirrou polkadot dress and belt| pearl necklace and earrings from mom| thrifted shoes| my friend, leaf.



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