IMG_1537When I first came to New Zealand my parents told me to get a learner’s license and start learning how to drive.

6 years later, I finally pushed myself to get that learner’s license. (The day I’m writing this post is also the day my dad gave me my first driving instruction. I actually drove a car – not just a go-kart but a real car!) A family friend, Viel, was in the same boat so we decided to get it together (hold each other accountable hahah). After the theory test (in which we made zero mistakes) we celebrated with crepes.

Torchon in Elliott Stables was a short walk from the AA centre where we took the theory test. My mom treated me to some of their crepes a few days ago and I wanted to come back and eat more. Viel and I didn’t even think about another place. It was like “Want crepes?” “Yep!” “Let’s go!”
PicMonkey Collage
We came in after lunch hour so it was empty except for a chef eating his lunch by the window. There was French (hip hop?) music playing, pretty cool contrast to their vintage chic decor. I was wondering about the tea towel on the ceiling lamp thing…is that a traditional thing? The last creperie I’ve been to also had that. Anyways we gave our orders so my eyes were free to wander to the interesting stuff around.
Time for crepes! Viel and I both went for sweets. We missed lunch time so why not skip to desserts hahah. I got fresh fruit and berry and Viel got banana and chocolate. They were both nice, most of the fruit inside my crepe was melon, then some grapes and berries. They tasted quite fresh.
(Can totally imagine this monsieur rapping to the French hip hop music  like, ‘Yo bonjour, Imma crepe master, quick on the rappin’ like how I spread batter. Imma crepe master, nobody makes them faster’. Sorry can’t help myself. They do bring the food quite fast though. Haha. )

Not feeling totally stuffed yet, we shared a crepe filled with Nutella and almonds. This is, no flipping doubt, my favourite. Dang it, I just love this combination. Nutella is magic by itself, add the texture of crepe and crunch of almonds. Ooh la la~

I also had a hot chocolate (because you I can’t have enough chocolate) and Viel had Orangina (which she described as lemonade-y. Viel later brought home the cute Orangina bottle hahah).
IMG_1504.jpgWe also enjoyed the free wifi (who wouldn’t?) in between our mouthfuls of crepe by trying to play Ragnarok hahah…Oh Viel, you still have to help me level up and become a more powerful wizard.
PicMonkey Codllage
Overall I enjoyed our all-sweets foray into Torchon and the atmosphere was pretty cool too. Maybe next time I’ll try out their galettes and other non-crepe stuff. If I get a bigger budget I would like to explore the rest of the food places in Elliott Stables too! Got favourites from there? Share share share.
Okiedokies. That’s all for now folks! See ya.

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