GAOP: Walk on By


I’m moody about shift dresses. They’re so comfortable you can sleep on it but they also tend to look like maternity dresses.

“But pregnancy is beautiful, Christienne!”

Yeah, whatever. I can pass for a 12-year-old sometimes (I blame the baby face and being vertically challenged) so seeing a PREGNANT teeny bopper-looking girl may be a little unnerving.

There are days, though, when comfort kicks vanity’s ass. The result is this GAOP (Gasp An Outfit Post!)




This Mirrou shift dress is one of the latest addition to what I’d like to call the Communal Closet, which is a collection of clothes I share with my mum and sister. Having a Communal Closet is one of the perks of living in a female dominated home. Theoretically the Communal Closet helps us save money since one article of clothing equates to three, but because we have the shopaholic gene it doesn’t work that way in our family.



What do you call this pattern? The love child of scallops and zig zags? Well, whatever it is it certainly makes this less of a Baby Momma getup and more of a 1960s ModMa (Get it – Modern Momma?) glam.
Because of the pattern, I didn’t really have to put much accessories. In the manner of Edie Sedgwick, I  opted for my Celtic cross-eque “shoulder dusters” and Coca Cola coloured cat glasses (given to me by my good friend Gorjan).



Guess that’s it for now! Go forth and chase the sunlight this long weekend!


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