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Every now and then in her posts, my sister mentions tidbits about her growing up, about stepping (and often tripping) towards adulthood. While I’m years behind her life experiences, I think I’m starting to feel how she feels. It’s like a gradual, subtle shift, this whole growing up business.ย It’s manifested in how my summer break feels drastically different from the ones that I have had before. There’s been a lot of changes and firsts: it’s my first summer with a paid job (better late than never, right?), my first and only go at summer school, and just a general, constant feeling of literal and figurative motion. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, no doubt, nor is it doom and gloom. What it is, for sure, is progress.

Well, I better end my reflection there before I start putting footnotes and references to obscure literature ๐Ÿ˜‰

On to my four snapshots for this week!


This was a nice quaint spot by the Tyburn Monastery in Franklin. Paths like this can potentially look amazingly creepy come night time (I wonder when I can see it for myself). Also,ย Excuse the lo-fi ness, but I was just experimenting on how I can make a photo look less digital. My sister can definitely do it better, what with her new photo editing software ๐Ÿ˜‰



This is a shot of Natsu Oyobe’s essay book about Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, a ‘company’ of Seoul-based web artists. I’m currently doing some research about their art for the Fine Arts paper I’m doing in summer school. I was daunted at the start of my research but since I found YHCHI and their minimal but captivating art (then this eye exercise of an essay), I began to feel more engaged with the assignment. If you’re interested in (post)modernist literature, Ezra Pound, satire, and new media art, I highly recommend looking up YHCHI.




Don’t be fooled by this sassy, adorable little critter. It barked at me like mad. But it kind of looked puzzled when I started taking photos like, ‘Gurl, you’re meant to be pooping your pants now.’



This was taken moments after I took that photo of the path along the Tyburn monastery. Don’t you agree, wild flowers do have a certain charm to them?


Guess that’s it for now! See y’all next post ๐Ÿ™‚


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