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Sooo…Is it too late to say Happy Chinese New Year? Well in any case. Happy Chinese New Year! I don’t really celebrate it but it’s fun to celebrate it with people who do. My friend, Tina, is Chinese and she told me that it’s tradition for them to invite their close friends to their house and cook a meal for them. Tina says she can’t cook so she’s invited me to have sushi buffet. Woooo buffet. You’d think we’d go for something more Chinese but hey man .. buffet is the magic word.

After a bus ride to somewhere I don’t bus to… here we are. Kanda Sushi! It was lunch hour but we could dance around the space (not that we did, or did we?). Maybe because it was a wednesday…but hey I’m not one to look for crowds so I’m all up for less people.
I like these details near the entrance. I don’t know what the other stuff stands for but look there’s maneki-neko if you look closely.

Sooo anyways, onto food! We ordered through a checklist type of system. They have a list of their stuff and you write down how many servings you want. I like how they had a no-waste policy – so you kind of have to re-evaluate if you’re ordering too much. You’re still free to stuff yourself, but you know, stuff yourself responsibly.

Saaaaalmon! Salmon and tuna nigiri and sashimi. Fish meatballs (I think..) Eel nigiri and some edamame beans. Everything came out express – but then they didn’t have a lot of people around anyways. But still, my eyes were still processing one thing and then the next one comes, and the next and..
kanda2We pretty much gobbled them up as fast as they came so really we’ve established a rhythm. Sushi, breathe, sushi breathe.

We’ve got all the usual ones like salmon, avocado, California roll but they have the Kanda roll – which is the one with panko crumbs around it. Noms..
IMG_1823.jpgKanda roll.IMG_1826.jpg

More food. Takoyaki, chicken teriyaki, dumplings, vegetable tempura and deep fried chicken with secret recipe. OOOOhh secret. Whatever it was I like their secret. Makes you wish you had the extra sensitive palate that can figure out ingredients with just a taste.

The others were fine. I had a takoyaki that wasn’t piping hot for the first time. I usually eat takoyaki fresh from the pan from food stalls so this was interesting, I appreciated the texture a bit more (though I still sort of associate eating takoyaki with partially burning your mouth hahah).
kanda 4
IMG_1817.jpgOkay this is probably my fave. I like secrets, especially when you can eat them.IMG_1816.jpg

Here’s Tina!
What did we save for last? Something we got out of curiosity. Corn in sweet bean curd. I like corn but I don’t remember eating anything with bean curd. It was surprisingly delicious. Smooth and not really sweet and the dried seaweed worked well with it.
Everything washed down with tea. There was cold tea too, in a dispenser on the other side of the restaurant. I liked the cold tea too – reminded me of a Filipino drink sago’t gulaman (tapioca pearls and jelly) without the sago or gulaman heheh…

Hey did you know that “sushi” becomes “zushi” in word combinations in which “sushi” is the second word? Like in nigirizushi, temakizushi, chirashizushi… Cool. Learnt that from Kanda.

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