F.O.U.R. On the Desk

Screen shot 2013-06-15 at 4.52.49 PM

My sister and I share one desk in our room. I think the desk has split personality because of it. But then it also shows that we have so a lot in common and that’s why we’re close, mentally and literally. A desk says a lot about a person you know (or so I’ve read). Our desk is puh-retty messy. But messy desks encourage creative minds, ya know. Heheh.. Anyways I had one of those moods when I was staring at the window and just thought about taking the camera out for a spin. So here’s Four Others Under the Rainbow, on and beside my desk. Hey messy desks do help with creativity…

Okay so this may not be so creative. But I saw in a creative creativity infographic to draw or doodle for fun with no intention of making it perfect. Just… zen doodling. This was actually fun. I broke a few tips, made pointy ones blunt. And all for this …hole? Yeah my coloured pencils are Shark Tale. I had Disney Princesses a while back but decided to give those away. What mindless doodling have you done lately?
Unfinished Ms. Bunny. I made it out of air hardening clay. It looks a bit wonky and this was just after the undercoat. I later painted it with pink acrylic. I still don’t know what details I want to put on it so it’s still left unfinished. I kind of have a feeling I’m going to try to put a little tutu on it or something haha.
Lots of things are shoved placed into random containers on our desk. Haha.. the box with butterflies on it have bottles of nail polish inside. Then there’s the plastic flower bouquet (from the Sinulog dance) and a fairy wand and sunnies. And I’ve already tried to crop out the messy bits of the desk haha.
Last one. Not even on the desk but directly what’s beside it. We have a clothes steamer right beside it. And here’s one of my favourite shirts these days. It’s big so I wear it kind of like a kimono. Whether I wear it or not I still like it. Impulse buy. Ghost shirt.
IMG_3087.jpgThat’s all for this week’s FOUR post.

What’s on your desk?



3 thoughts on “F.O.U.R. On the Desk

  1. My desk is messy too. It’s actually a dining table and I have my computer, a lightbox (for tracing/drawing) and a printer on it and stacks of paper. It’s kind of crazy to have a dining table sitting in our lounge as a desk but I need the table space!

    p.s. I whole heartedly approve of your Ms. Bunny. 🙂

    1. Wow a whole dining table for a desk! (lightboxes are so cool I’ve only ever used one when I draw with the children in the centres I’ve been in) I can relate..I used to invade the dining area everytime I had exams back in uni.

      Wow Ms. Bunny will have a big ego boost since you’ve approved of her. Looks like I better work on her outfit. 😀

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