Market Eats: Mt. Maunganui Market

Hello hello.

Today’s a bit of a throwback post.

During our short stay in Mt. Maunganui, half of the number of days were quite rainy and gloomy so the day the sun finally came out we decided we needed to walk around. I think it was also quite lucky that the sunday market happened on such a bright day.

The sunday market was a small one and there weren’t a lot of people milling about (unlike markets I’ve been to in Auckland). We just had our breakfast before coming down to the market so we weren’t too tempted to sample everything, haha. Here’s some of the things I’ve snapped during our short walk around the market.
Extended breakfast? Waffles? I just have the need to munch stuff when walking around. Haha.
Jerkyyyy samplessss. We settled on some Biltong (South African beef jerky). It was so good! Our packet didn’t last a day.
Market soundtrack, thanks to this duo.
Fun thing I like in markets. The handmade signs.
market signs
Kiwiberries aka baby kiwis hehe. Wiki says “Actinidia arguta (hardy kiwi) is a perennial vine native to Japan, Korea, Northern China, and Russian Siberia. It produces a small fruit resembling the kiwifruit.” I don’t always see kiwiberries so I was amused at its adorableness. Hey did you know that NZ exports kiwiberries to Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Canada, Hong Kong and Korea? These babies travel far.
market 2
One of our favourite finds in the market was this coffee. We had a free sample of it back at our rented flat and we enjoyed the rich flavour so much so we were hoping to get more of it. Mmm …
Smoked garlic. Oooh. Mom got some gourmet spice mixes from the same stall.
Breaaaad. And a must-have for my sister, muesli.
Last but not the least, something to combat the heat with. Gooseberry ice cream. A little sour than my preference but my sis loved it, whatever, ice is ice cream haha.
Okiedokies that’s all for now folks. Found any interesting market eats lately?

PS. The blog giveaway is still on!


2 thoughts on “Market Eats: Mt. Maunganui Market

  1. Going to try out the new Albany market tomorrow ☺. You really were lucky to have such a lovely day on market day, seems to have an interesting range of stalls.

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