FOUR: Summertime, Anytime

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It isn’t long until we say auf wiedersehen to daylight that lasts until 8 in the eve, togs, lush strawberries and cherries. If you’re starting uni like me, it isn’t long till you say goodbye to free time.

I’m not dreading summer’s end. I’m actually looking forward to turtleneck weather (which seems to stimulate some intellectual thinking), and seeing my digital planner filled with to do’s. And whenever I feel like my schedule is getting a bit bloated, I’ll just find a way to recreate the bliss summer brings. It won’t just be looking back at the summer that has gone past, but will also be looking forward to next summer.

I then regard this FOUR post as a mini time capsule for the summer that is due to end. The following snapshots were taken during my and my family’s trip to Mount Maunganui a couple of weeks ago. I feel as though they encapsulate the simple delight of the trip and my summer as a whole.



‘Fun in the sand!’ I’d exclaim whenever my parents asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. I’m pretty sure I got that phrase from a beach-themed ad campaign for something (Happy Meal collectibles, perhaps?), but I obviously didn’t give two schnitzels. All I wanted to do was to make the most of summer break, which in the Philippines was in April, by being scorched under the sun, sprawled on sand while making incredibly hideous sand castles. You probably think that the castle in this photograph shows mediocre castle-building skills, but I have to say it’s still the Windsor Castle compared to what I used to make.



The single castle was close by these so they were possibly both made by the same kid. Don’t you think they have a creepy vibe similar to the Stonehenge?



It’s things like this that makes me wish I have nicer lens for my Canon. I’m certain I said something to that effect while I was photographing this wee bee, right before I squealed like a 3-year-old when the wee bee decided to take flight.



This was such a talented dog! It would just start balancing that basketball on top of its head and run around. It could have been its way to convince its human friend to come play with it. I wanted so much to just take the dog home with me :’)


If you were to make your own photograph time capsule for your summer what would they be comprised of?


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