Japan Day 2014

japanday CollageKonnichiwa!

A few weeks ago I went to the Japan Day event and wandered around. Alone. Haha. It’s not so sad. I haven’t been to this event in years so there was a lot to see. I found out about the event a bit late so I wasn’t able to tell my friends about it in time, aaaand my sister was busy. I didn’t get as much food photos as I would’ve wanted because I didn’t eat much (consequence of being alone? Dunno. Good consequence or bad?) But there’s so much to see – this will be photo heavy . Let’s begin!

When you first walk inside they have a flower exhibit – Ikebana- Japanese art of flower arrangement. They were really impressive. Like 3D print of a kimono. Near it, there’s a bonsai exhibit then a potteries exhibit.
japan day 4
Near the pots was a cool demonstration of Aikido, a non-aggressive and non-competitive Japanese martial art.  It seems calm but it still looks painful to flip each other around and repetitively hit the mat. But hey it sure looks badass to me.
Japan day 3Wanna see more badass stuff? There was a samurai armour on display and of course..samurai swords – katana. I remember that an uncle of mine had one when I was younger. I don’t remember seeing it unsheathed or why he had it (zombie apocalypse preparations?) I’m thinking of Samurai X and that Japanese guy in World War Z (in the book – haven’t seen the movie).
IMG_3236.jpgUp for a different kind of battle? How about a shogi battle? It’s Japanese chess where captured pieces can be brought back into use. I wish I tried it out. But I was too shy and awkward to ask… and well I’m not that fond of chess anyways hehe..
shogiHmm…how about other games? Something easier…

Target practice?

Old toys…
New toys aaaaand some cosplay.
japan day 2
To rest from all the watching and walking extravaganza I sat down for a little while in the calligraphy corner. It was packed but I found a spot where I cluelessly tried to write the character I found… I think it was supposed to mean Mother Earth but..I could be so off the mark.
Okay break over. I stood up and looked at more stuff, like that photo exhibit ‘A time being in Ishinomaki’ where you can buy postcards with the beautiful photos on it.
If only I had more money I would’ve gotten a kimono for myself. It was awesome seeing so many women in their kimono. There was a corner where you can dress-up but I didn’t want to do it alone. Hahah…
All these photos and you’re thinking..where’s the food?
Fine, fine. Here you go, have some snacks.
Ah green tea pudding, I was going to bring it home but I ate it all…
My cash was getting quite low (I bought a bunch of makeup – oops) so a marinated boiled egg for a dollar was good haha.
Ddeokbokki…it’s actually korean. I had this before when my friend brought some for lunch but this was wayyyy spicier than my friend’s dish. I took one small bite and kind of choked haha..
IMG_3275.jpgTime to walk outside. There’s people everywhere but there was this one stall with a crazy long line. It turned out to be the mochi stall. Mmm… mochi. I didn’t have the patience to wait in line so I turned to see what else was there. The people, beside the stall, were pounding mochi in the traditional way. I don’t know what they were saying but it sounded like they were shouting ‘one shot’ .

Ah anyway I later found out that the people need to do their chant when pounding mochi to keep in time with the rhythm. See, two people need to work together when they use the ‘usu‘ for pounding mochi. One person uses the ‘kine‘ (wooden mallet) to pound the mochi and the other has to turn the mochi by hand after each pounding. Quite laborious and a little scary…you don’t want your hand to be crushed by a kine
So much food. So little time and money haha. Last thing I ate was this green tea crepe ice cream. Mmmm… nothing extraordinary but it was just a little enjoyable thing to eat with all the heat and people and long lines (I didn’t have to wait in line for it).
So that’s about it for my post from Japan Day. I hope next time I’ll have someone with me when I go next year. No…I wish I can actually be in Japan in the near future. Oh well. I hope you enjoyed the little walkthrough with me haha.
I’ll leave you with this snapshot from the Bon Dance. A traditional Japanese dance that was originally for welcoming spirits of the dead. It’s more like a traditional dance mob because people continuously joined the line, following the dance steps. It also looked like a calm, peaceful congo line . Heheh..
Okiedokies, sayonara!

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