FOUR: Walking

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I do not know how to drive so I walk everywhere. I run, jog, walk like I’m 80 (I’m sorry 80 year old people walk faster than me), chase after buses, trip over little small spaces. Whatever. Walking is important for me but I would happily learn how to drive – anyone teach me please?- to lessen the walking [and finally get to wear heels, but then I really don’t care about heels at this point anyways].

I just finished Round the Bays today and as my feet recover from the beating I thought, hey why not a random post on walking. You know, sort of. So walk on by this week’s Four Others Under the Rainbow.

A place in Cornwall Park near the showgrounds I went to for Japan Day 2014. I’ve always been very thankful that I live near such an awesome nature reserve. It makes me love walking alone so much. Oh trees, how I love trees. I really should go for walks with my camera more often (but the weight can be such a hassle).

My sister recording audio using the camera’s microphone. My sister and her crew, ‘Au Revoir,Shosanna Productions’ (Yep it’s from Inglorious Basterds) are working on post-production stuff for her short film. I seriously cannot wait to finally see their work. It was quite funny to see my sister walking in place with a microphone and large camera with her. Can’t wait for the time they can show their stuff at film festivals. Woooo go sis!

Caution tape around Albert Park. Dun dun dun. Okay I know it’s not a police tape but my mind can dream up a million weird things in a minute. You, tape, how dare you limit my walking space?

The tape actually placed there to keep people away from a portal to the next dimension where you can find your other self but it’s actually yourself in a futuristic earth dimension and you look exactly the same because you don’t age even though you’re really 800 years old. That dimension opens up random portals to our dimension because they have a big brother-like TV show where they lure unsuspecting people to their dimension and let them meet their other selves but also means they become slaves to themselves and never come back. Auckland Council found out that Albert Park was a portal hotspot in NZ, and that’s why the population in NZ is so low even though a lot of people migrate to NZ – the people get sucked into the other dimension so often. They put a tape so that people don’t bump into the invisible dome that the science department at the University of Auckland made to cover the portal while they do research on how to permanently close it off. Secretly, the Engineering department have been sending tiny cameras into the portal to steal the future technology from the other dimension.

If you actually read the whole paragraph above, (whoa, good on you!) feel free to continue the story in the comments section. And the tape is actually to prevent people from walking all over the place while others were setting up the lanterns and other stuff for the Chinese Lantern Festival.

Dad and his leg in a cast. If walking everywhere can be tiring, not walking everywhere is even more tiring. Dad had surgery on his foot and had to wear his cast for a month or more before he can change into a boot. Walking with crutches is so hard – especially because you need to go through stairs to get to our apartment. I took this photo because just seeing a cast on someone I know is quite novel for me (we’re not a bunch of athletes and daredevils ya know) and it was just nice to see my dad on his own bed instead of the hospital bed. I hate seeing anyone I know, especially my parents, in a hospital bed. I’ve never been hospitalised so the hospital gives me the heebie-jeebies. Hopefully my dad can join my mom and I on the round the bays next year. Fingers and toes crossed.

Okiedokies that’s all for this week’s FOUR post. See ya!


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