Random Eats


Hello hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Random Eats post. It feels like it’s time for a new one again. Hurrah. I’ll add some foreign names here and there because I should be doing that in blog posts from now on for languages revision.

I’m trying to eat more fruits these days so why don’t we start with some pretty fruits? Let’s begin with lychees (Filipino/Tagalog: Litsiyas, Japanese:レイシ Reishi, Korean: 그 열매 geu yeolmae – all these words are new to me haha, even the Filipino one). I was super duper excited to find these in a stall during Chinese Lantern Festival. Fresh lychee is quite rare and I made my parents happy when I brought them home. Mom craved for lychees when she was pregnant with my sis so it’s a special fruit for us. Cute fruits = cute sister
Super refreshing watermelons (Pakwan, スイカsuika, 수박 subag)! The perfect summer fruit. Mmmm… This photo would’ve been really pretty if I didn’t forget to take the knife and teaspoon out of the shot. [insert sad + annoyed face]
Good ol’ strawberries (presa, イチゴichigo,  딸기ttalgi – it’s a bit embarrassing but is presa really the Filipino word for strawberries? I’ve never heard of it used. Meanwhile, I’ve known ichigo for so long because of anime).
I know strawberries are sweet enough as they are…but can’t help sneaking chocolate into anything.
Next we have these fresh spring rolls that our family friends made for a get-together. Shrimp, cucumber, coriander, pork and spring onions wrapped in rice paper. Loooovely.
Random table spread shot. Haha.. Spot the puto I made a while back.
Pizzaaaaa… and you thought Random Eats was just for healthy foods haha. I’ve got pepperoni pizza with mozzarella sticks, garlic bread and pepperoni pinwheels. We got them for takeaway during those days you can’t be bothered thinking about what to cook for dinner – that’s increasingly what dinner is turning out. There was one week we had fast food thrice in a week. That’s a lot man. Whoa. Let me just go and ponder about exercise for 5 minutes.
Pizza rolls? Nope not really. Mom bought a jar of delicious caramelised onions (great on burgers) so we spread some on store bought puff pastry and voila supa dupa easy tasty finger food.
There will always be space for sweets. Most of the time I feel like I have a separate stomach for dessert. Here’s a slice of chocolate cake and berry crumble from a cafe in uni.
Last we have ice cream (sorbetes, アイスクリームAisukurīmu,아이스크aiseukeulim) from a place in Mt. Maunganui. White chocolate, berry and pistachio ice cream!
Okiedokies that’s all for now for this Random Eats! Did you have any favourites on this list? What did you think of my language revision? Hahah I still need to write that down in a notebook.

See ya!



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