FOUR: Wheels

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There’s a storm in Auckland and I can hear the winds being all scary and whatnot but weirdly enough in my head I’m singing, “The…..wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round … all day long.” I can officially call that record of the year for my 2013. It was the favourite song of the toddlers at my last centre and I still cannot take it out of my head. Someday when I learn how to fully drive I will sing that song along with all the kpop songs in my head.

Sooo I thought let’s have a Four Other Under the Rainbow post with wheels…



He’s been stuck in traffic for years.

Hahah. But really. I love seeing old cars running like they were just bought yesterday. Someday I would love to ride one of these vintage wheels on the roads.


Lifeguards and their awesome ride. Would’ve loved to ride on the back of that. Remind me of a “jeep owner” we had when I was a kid. We’d travel to anywhere with it and my parents even placed a mattress at the back so it was super comfy for us kids. It seemed so indestructible then, my dad even crashes it to open massive gates in our grandparents’ old residence. Hahah. It would’ve been awesome to learn to drive on that vehicle, no need to worry about getting dents, scratches or crashing slightly onto things.


Saw this one parked on the street while walking around Mt. Maunganui. So weird and interesting. Ugly and beautiful at the same time. Like a cross between a vintage car and a jeep owner. Alien, with its headlights eyes and engine brains.

IMG_2225.jpgPretty cool ad for a pizza company. This trailer was a pleasant surprise during such a gray day. There’s no pizza in there and no real people but it was fully furnished for the papier mache wrinkly folks that inhabited it. They had a wooden tv, a radio, comfy chairs, carpets, wallpaper and even tea. Very cute and creepy. It was tempting to connect the trailer to our car and drive off with it.

That’s it for wheels. The winds picking up and howling this side of Auckland again. Catch you all later, hopefully the weather will be a lot better then. I can’t fight the urge to nap haha.

See ya!


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