Good monday to you all!

I’m not really sure but I felt like putting a post today. There’s really no monday-itis for me now that I don’t have studies anymore. Sometimes I can’t even remember that the weekend has already ended. But oh well, I guess it would be nice to have a little ritual on mondays just to keep track of things. I usually watch a Ghibli film on mondays after all the chores are finished.

I feel like adding a new monday thing. I’m not sure. Maybe it’s drawing, crafts… I don’t know yet. Haha. Maybe something art-related, when I blog about something it usually motivates me to do more of something or do better. Since I want to practice more art stuff I’ll try and have one small post every two weeks (?). Internet, hold me accountable. Haha.

Okay…art stuff. I bought a visual diary. It’s still mostly blank. Then I bought a basic watercolour palette. Last time I played with watercolour was probably when I was 10 or something…so I felt like trying them again. So here’s a selfie. Hahah…
Slightly better than my actual bare face. But you gotta embellish your self-view sometimes hehe.
IMG_3362.jpgSo that’s it for today.

I watercoloured. I plan to watercolour more or at least art more haha.

See ya!




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