The Strand Arcade Cafe


Hello hello. How are you? Hope all is well. Sadly, I don’t feel too awesome today…I feel like I’m coming down with something. Gotta combat this with some vitamin C! Yahh! And food.

Always food. So here we are, another cafe to hang out in. In a cute little space in the CBD. It’s a nice place to rest after I’ve finished window shopping in the cute asian shops nearby. (I just bought matcha chocolates and Rilakkuma stickers in the shops in mid city nearby ~)

I like The Strand Arcade. It’s just really pretty. Next time you pass by there you should look up. Actually, anywhere you go you should always look up, just because there’s different things you might not immediately notice. Just remember to look where you’re going . Hahaha..
Tadah. Beautiful, yeah?
It’s something to see before you get to the cafe.
the strand collage
I got attracted to this cafe because of the cheap pasta. First time I came here I had the $5 Neapolitan pasta. It was really good for something so cheap.
Weird though…it’s not always awesome. Last time I went there the pasta wasn’t as flavourful. Like they forgot to put the herbs on my sauce…Nyaw. Oh well.
Pastaaaaa- neapolitan and spaghetti and meatballs, chips…and cold coffee. Mmmm…
IMG_0735.jpgThe cafe is pretty big and I really like their upstairs space, where the comfy chairs are. It seems really private so you can relax a bit. 

I hope they bring back their happy flavours again – well you know, pasta-wise. Go go go cafe. 

Speaking of eating out. The winner of the Zomato giveaway is Pin! Congratulations!!! 



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