The Crown and Badger

crownandbadgerI’m not the type of person who goes to pubs. I don’t drink much and well.. frankly, I don’t really go out at night unless I’m going to eat dinner. Yep. 9pm is really late for me to be out. haha. But hey pubs are open during daytime too! Sooo…here I am.

We grabbed a bite in Tauranga on our way home from Mt. Maunganui. And…we stumbled upon The Crown and Badger because it was near the near the parking that was conveniently placed across the public toilet (something you look for immediately when going on a roadtrip, haha).

Our food took way longer than we expected (maybe they were on a roadtrip too) so my eyes just looked at the interesting details in the pub. The beer taps looks pretty. The bar looked so cool that I kind of wished I drank so I can go and order like I know what I’m doing in there.
Oooh more alcohol over here.
Love those old school beer mugs! They remind me of the beer mugs in Gaston’s song in Beauty and the Beast.
My super duper favourite detail in this place is the vintage telephone in the corner. It’s just so adorable. I should’ve taken a selfie beside it haha nah. You can imagine a guy calling his wife saying he’ll be coming home late to have a few drinks in the pub a la Homer Simpson haha.
Obligatory beer shot in the pub. Tastes bleh to me but you know whatever. I’m sure there are beer drinkers who will go against me. I’ve only ever liked one kind of beer. A Belgian one that I can’t remember.
Finally food! Our burgers and chips.
Chicken burger and fish burger. It was delicious, thankfully. There was crunch and flavour in the burger and everything was fresh. At least the wait was sort of worth it. It just a shock for the stomach to eat a huge burger after being hungry for quite a while haha.
IMG_2819.jpgOh man I could really use a burger now.

That’s all for now folks. Been to the pub lately? Any pub food faves?


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