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Hello hello there!

I haven’t made a FOUR kpop post in a while and I kinda missed it. I know that this topic is the least viewed type of stuff in my blog (and that’s not surprising because I’m always food>everything) but well…it doesn’t matter so much does it? So much about my type of blogging is self-indulgent that I’m just really happy that people drop by and say hi.

So yeah today I’m indulging on kpop. Woohoo! Here are the four kpop music videos I’ve enjoyed recently.

Orange Caramel – 까탈레나(Catallena)

Orange Caramel always has super fun and adorable concepts and Catallena is no exception. Come on I love sushi and it’s a super cute sushi concept! How awesome is the styling? I love that their dresses is cute and still look like sushi. Ah and the dance!…that part with the “oy, oy, oy!” is so funny. Just a super duper fun and quirky concept. I love Orange Caramel!

2NE1 – Come Back Home

Still my all time favourite kpop girl group. 2NE1 has a super duper incredible music video this time around. The graphics and effects are amazing for a music video and it’s pretty cool that they have an interesting plot in their video. I love the shift from real world to virtual through the chorus. Their story relates to how so much of us live online these days that we neglect the interactions offline. Eat Your Kimchi had an interesting take on it that they thought the message of the MV might be undermining kpop and 2NE1 themselves. After all, so much of the growth of kpop is from their strong online presence and people becoming addicted to the surreal world of kpop online. I do agree with them in reading it more as a call for moderation. As much as people complain about social media and the online world you just cannot unplug. Not fully anyways. Our minds travel and learn so much thanks to the connectivity of the world. So yeah come back home…then go online again haha.  Just so many awesome things in here. Fierce and dramatic, 2NE1 nolza!

CNBLUE – Can’t Stop

Sweet music video to match a sweet song. I listened and loved the song before I saw the music video and I’m glad that they chose the concept for it. There’s nothing much to it but I love the colour scheme, the beautiful details (raining inside, watering can and the flower pot, the bright bright set).  It ties in with the song too because the lyrics say that the dude lives like a mirror, when she’s sad, he’s sad. So yeah. Pretty.

SPICA(스피카) – You Don’t Love Me

Spica isn’t one of my favourite groups but they’re getting there. Their vocals are really up there (not just cutesy voices here). I’m loving the vintage charm (akk the clothes!) in their music video and I love how they’re all sexy but still quite silly (ginormous buttpads, anyone?). Go Spica!

Sooo..Those are my kpop picks for now. What do you think? If you checked out this post is it because you like kpop or just curious…I’m curious.

See ya!



  1. JFCCCC SO MUCH YES TO CATALLENA AND COME BACK HOME OMG. People seem to be all about the Happy video (which is great too), but that Come Back Home video is a triumph and 2NE1 completely trounced SNSD’s release with it. T_T

    Not that I don’t like SNSD!

    Also kpop blog is one of my fave parts of your blog, ok.

    • T.T omo thank you for liking my kpop fangirling! I didn’t realise people were all about the Happy’s cute and I like the animations and the fact that they’re outside but Come Back Home is the masterpiece. Hands down.

      I like SNSD’s Mr.Mr. but the MV is meh. But my oh my 2NE1 &SNSD’s release schedules definitely fuelled fanwars again haha.

      I just cannot help but smile everytime I hear Catallena 😀

  2. My daughter loves Orang Caramel’s Funny Hunny. It’s very cute video too. But I like Catallena as well.
    And I always like CN blue. They have something that makes me recognize their song even if I never heard of it before.
    It’s nice to blog something other than food sometimes. I feel the same 😛

    • Is it the cartoon one? I haven’t seen that one in its entirety I only saw the studio version for that.

      I’m actually only starting to like CNBLUE recently actually. I only really liked Love Girl before but that’s mostly because I haven’t listened to them much.

      Sometimes I do run out of things to say if all I talk about is food. But then all I take photos of are food…haha

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