Gelato and Cookies

gelatoThere are places I see so often that it seems like every time I come near or pass by it’s like I don’t see it. I supposed that’s why walks in familiar places seem to go by so fast and bus rides from home to uni during my undergrad days seemed like nothing. We see so much that sometimes we don’t see anymore.

It’s the brain being efficient. But then it happens to places like these … I’ve been seeing this gelato shop in Newmarket for so long but haven’t really appreciated it much – I’ve only tried it once. It’s been playing that visible-invisible thing in my head that I actually don’t even know its name. Sooo.. I went and tried nameless-in-my-head gelato place again.
Tired feet and summer heat sort of forced me to. But hey gelato and cookies is an awesome pitstop. Mrs. Higgins cookies!

We ended up skipping the cookies and just settled for some refreshing gelato. Mango, cookies and cream and coffee. And of course with a cute waffle cone. Mango was my favourite. It’s just lovely to consume with all the heat, you can almost pretend you’re in the tropics when really you’re just sitting on a bench in Newmarket while my friend surfs on Taobao to show me all the things we’ve seen in the last hour only a gazillion times cheaper.

I talk about seeing things but not really seeing them. Then there’s the other kinds of filter. My friend Tina still has the everything is too-expensive-except-for-food filter. When I went to the Philippines I had the automatic-conversion-to-NZD filter hahaha.

IMG_1888.jpgAfter some nice gelato I had the everything-is-nice filter.

Okiedokies. That’s all for now folks. See ya!



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