A Filipino Feast

PicMonkey Photo.jpgHello hello.

Just wanted to share a feast we shared with our family friends a little while back. It was a multi-birthday bash.

You know maybe I’m really using this “I blog about food” thing to just to take photos of food instead of people. Haha… I actually need prompting to take photos of people. While eating out, one of my friends actually told me “What about us?”. I’m sorry friends and family. I sort of compensate with drawing…I almost always draw faces (not mindblowingly realistic – maybe just my brain going hey too much food thoughts let’s draw eyes!).

Ah anyways. The feast! Don’t worry I actually took photos of people this time (mom reminded me). They’re not in this post though.
Oh my that flippingly awesome fried rice. Chock full of meat and veggies, I would’ve stood in front of that serving platter if I didn’t have competition for the fried squid.
That fried squid. The best I’ve had really. It’s literally melt in your mouth.No place I’ve ever been have made the squid like so, that’s my aunt’s cooking for you.
The buffet’s so awesome we have two kinds of pancit palabok. Mom made one of them.
There’s also some kare-kare and mussels.
Don’t forget the sweets. There will always be sweet things. That day there was chocolate cake and sans rival. They both looked beautiful. We wondered how we were going to recreate that chocolate cage around the cake. My guess was you melt the chocolate and make the pattern on baking paper and let it set…but I wonder how you would know it was set but flexible enough that you could bend it around the cake. Hmmm.
Sans rival is a cake I rarely see. I haven’t really thought about making it yet…probably because it uses up so much butter I’d be a bit guilty to eat it afterwards haha. Oh but aren’t they pretty.
Yep so that’s it folks. That’s our Filipino feast.

Waiiiiiit. Jokes. We’re forgetting something. The pièce de résistance. LECHON.
Now THAT’s a Filipino feast.

See ya!


4 thoughts on “A Filipino Feast

    1. Oh don’t worry there were many of us to eat all that food..6 families I think. And we had lots of take-home food too.

      My sister had a birthday lunch at a hotel and had ONE food photo and a bunch of goofy photos with her friends. We have very different priorities when eating out haha.

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