Gangnam Style Korean BBQ

gangnamstylebbq안녕하세요! Yes it’s really a restaurant named Gangnam Style 강남 스타일… I heard that the restaurant was there before the song – well it doesn’t really matter which came first anyway since Psy’s icon is on the restaurant sign now hahaha. The little box is a little giveaway after we finished our meal. There was a cute pluggy of a little Korean drum for my phone (but I tied it around my camera instead).

This is my first time to try Korean BBQ 고기구이 so I was quite excited. It’s not that alien from me because I’ve seen so many kpop idols eating it on shows and behind-the-scenes  videos. Haha.. Not Psy though. IMG_3687.jpg IMG_3662.jpg Ah yes.. the buffet. There’s a range of meats, pickled vegetables and lots of lettuce to make your Korean BBQ meat wraps. There’s also lots of cooked food if you get tired of cooking your own meat. I liked the tteokbokki, it’s not too spicy for me. koreanbbq IMG_3639.jpg Kimchiiiiii! I’m not normally a kimchi eating person because the first time I tried kimchi I didn’t like it. But I liked eating kimchi this time around. Not sure why. Their kimchi must be really nice or I really liked kimchi with in my meat wraps. IMG_3642.jpg Time to grill some meat! 고기 gogi gogi gogi! Here’s my friends. See, I take photos of people too not just food. Haha. IMG_3672.jpg IMG_3650.jpg

Being the kid that I am, the grill built in the table entertained me a lot. IMG_3655.jpg Lettuce, a white sweet vegetable thing that looks like a  massive radish, grilled meat, kimchi 김치, pickled onion and a teensy bit of garlic. Mmmmm…That’s my wrap. IMG_3656.jpg IMG_3659.jpg Don’t forget the side dishes. IMG_3649.jpg I ate a lot. Well too much, as usual. I even tried some delicious porridge. But I still kinda wish I ate more octopus. Hahah. IMG_3671.jpg Too full for dessert later on. But We ended the meal with some delicious sweet rice drink, sikhye 식헤. That was a yummy, filling dinner. Have you had Korean BBQ lately?


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