A Good Day


What makes a day good?
Is it the beautiful weather? That wonderful clear sky while waiting for a bus that was actually on time.
Perhaps it’s the silence of peaceful aloneness, the walks, the bus ride with my headphones on, the staring at the beautiful ceiling at the Civic waiting for my friend.
Or the promise of good company. Finally got to meet my friend that I seldom see.
Maybe it’s good food shared with a friend Down at a foodcourt, we walked around and around. Our appetites going crazy with each section we visit. Should we have Chinese, Japanese, Indian? Then… we stopped. Yes. Let’s go Korean. I get to practice reading hangul, yay.
Cute name. Reminds me of an anime.
They gave us this gadget that lights up when our order is ready. Nice. I’ve only used this once before at the library. Saves up on waiting in queues. Next time I’d like my food to float towards my table haha.
Our gadget lights up, I saunter off to pick up our sizzling plate of beef with side dishes and a bowl of fresh bibimbap. I take photos because I cannot help myself. My friend understands (she even says sorry because she almost ate before I took a shot, I feel incredibly guilty but still shamelessly snap away haha). The food was delicious and filling. Mmm.
And free time spent how you planned it. Simple. Bus home.
Good day.


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