Sweet New Zealand #33 The Roundup



Hello hello there! Welcome to the April roundup for Sweet New Zealand. This is a link party of sweetness and deliciousness was created by blogger and food writer Alessandra Zecchini. It’s an awesome way to discover and connect with other New Zealand food bloggers. 

Okiedokies! Let’s begin.

First up,  Sweet NZ’s founder Alessandra made some awesome Vegan and Gluten Free Chocolate Pudding. It’s her homemade version of the awesome puddings you can get from organic-vegetarian stores. Sounds good!


Sue from Couscous & Consciousness made a British classic Chocolate and Dark Cherry Jam Roly Poly that rekindled memories for her. Did you know that a roly poly was traditionally steamed in an old shirt sleeve so it was called “dead man’s arm?”. I learnt interesting things from Sue’s post, check it out.

Arfi from HomemadeS took the beautiful photo below of the Punklicious Vanilla Bean Cupcakes she made. Punklicious without eggs and dairy. Punklicious indeed.

Amanda from Move Love Eat made healthy Coconut Pancakes topped with whipped peanut butter topping. Mmm… sounds tempting.  I love pancakes and might try this for a yummy weekend breakfast.

Let’s also welcome Nicole from PicNic who just found out about Sweet NZ. She shared her Chocolate Orange Cheesecake. It’s simple and no-bake. Yay!
chocolate orange cheesecake slice front on


Not forgetting sweets and cute desserts for the easter celebrations that happened during April, Jo from Seven Green Apples made a deliciously moist Spiced Chocolate and Apple Cake with mini easter eggs. It’s so cute and I’m curious to try the chocolate yoghurt icing method. Mmmm….


Lesley from eat, etc…  added Easter Egg Cupcakes to her traditional array of chocolate bunnies in her house. That frosting is so pretty!
DSCF1343 Easter Cupcake Close upMy easter celebrations were also sweets filled as it coincided with my mom’s birthday celebrations too. For that occasion I made cake pops and other sweets!cakepopsThat’s it for the april roundup of Sweet New Zealand. Thanks for letting me host again and thanks to the participants for sharing your sweet creations! Next month’s host is Sue from Couscous & Consciousness

See ya!

never too late to join the sweet party, Frances from Bake Club shared her first attempt at brioche with a beautiful Apricot Brioche Breakfast Plait. That looks inviting!

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