There was a period that I had Korean food almost every other day. I’ve only just started to get into Korean cuisine this year so it was pretty fun eating different Korean foods. Bibimbaps in a foodcourt, Korean BBQ at Gangnam Style and now Korean-Chinese food in Harimgak.

I’m not really sure if you would call it fusion or just Koreanised Chinese food or just straight up Chinese owned by Koreans. But hey who needs labels I want to eat.
It’s a big-ish restaurant with an upstairs level. I thought the place looked nice with its wooden furniture and chandelier and the decorative little spaces like this.
As soon as we got there we were swiftly offered some tea. Ah tea~
I came with my friends, Tina who is Chinese and Nabin and her daughter who are Korean. So I pretty much entrusted the menu to the two. I did try to practice my crap reading skills at the hangul on the menu. We found out that there was a button on our table to call for a waiter/waitress then Nabin ordered in Korean (while I tried to catch anything I could understand haha).
Food didn’t take long to arrive. Yay!
First off, sweet and sour pork.  Great with lots and lots of rice. It’s in the middle of sweetness spectrum when it comes to sweet and sour meat dishes and the veggies still have a nice bite to them.
IMG_4467.jpgNext up is the stir fried sea cucumber dish. I like the noodles and the flavours in the sauce. It’s all soft and silky and lovely with rice. I probably needed more rice when I was eating here. But I tried to control myself haha.
Tofu in spicy sauce. I don’t eat much tofu but I’ve always liked its texture. The sauce was not too spicy (though my friend might’ve asked for it to be mild).
Nabin’s daughter’s fave. 짜장면 jajangmyeon or black thick soy bean paste noodles. We actually came to this restaurant because Nabin’s daughter liked it here. Ahhh…finally got to taste these noodles.
In South Korea, there’s an unofficial holiday called Black Day aka “Single Awareness Day” when unattached folks eat these noodles and celebrate their singledom. It’s on April 14 (Which goes after all those lovey-dovey Valentines day and White Day).

Before this, I’ve only ever eaten the instant noodle variety of jajangmyeon (which I tried out of curiosity but did not enjoy much – nah I didn’t have it for Black Day). I’m glad to tell you that its taste is a far cry from the instant ones but I still don’t get it. Maybe I haven’t acquired the taste for it.
jajangmyeonOkiedokies so that was our foodtrip at Harimgak. Most of it were delicious to me but I’m not too sure how I feel about jajangmyeon haha.




10 thoughts on “Harimgak

  1. You’re right about the food being very Chinese-influenced, it doesn’t look like typical Korean food. Jajangmyeon is similar to zhajiangmian in Chinese cuisine, which is also a type of noodle topped over with minced meat. But in your words, “who needs labels I want to eat.” haha 😀

  2. Interesting place. Is it frequented by Chinese or Korean, both or neither?

    The post started off very Chinese (Cantonese) but the noodles don’t look Chinese to me at all so they must be the Korean component? I love Korean food so this might be a good mix for me too.

    The tofu dish reminds me of “Mapo Tofu” which usually comes with minced pork. It’s quite exotic with it’s spicy but for some reason I find it to be comfort food. I guess because I eat it in bowl with rice and a spoon and it’s so squishy I don’t really have to think about chewing….

    1. I noticed that it was mostly Koreans who come to the place. Even my Korean friend is a bit of a regular I think.
      Tacokitten said the noodles at the end is still Chinese-influenced. Maybe some other region? But more Korean style I suppose.
      Mapo tofu sounds like a spicy version of rice porridge I’d definitely have a lot of rice with that.
      Oh my sooo hungry. I’m starting to like tofu more now.

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