The Royal Bunny

A little while back I aimed to blog about something artsy-fartsy I’ve done/tried lately. I didn’t really follow through with that…So this is a late post of how Ms. Bunny from this post turned out.

This was when she was still drying. Ms. Bunny is made of air hardening clay so I just left her outside for the sun and wind to cook up for me. I really wasn’t thinking much when I made her. I just had a lot of leftover clay from one of my old uni projects and thought of using it. Our scissors holder was a bunny so that’s how I arrived at Ms. Bunny.

First coat on!
IMG_3128.jpgIt took me a long time to do the next stage mostly because I put it off for so long. Luckily for Ms. Bunny, I was weirdly inspired one morning and sat on my bedroom floor for a few hours trying to finally finish her look.

I have so many scraps of fabric (I hoard them under my bed) so it took me another forever just to pick what materials to use. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t like that. I once spent two hours picking a brochure theme for a uni assignment last year (and that was during my cram mode).

Ah anyways Ms. Bunny became Her Royal Bunniness! Ta-dah!
I couldn’t help but begin The Royal Bunny’s afternoon tea photo shoot (carrot not included because I cannot find it haha where is that carrot?!). Made the cake a year ago for art class – sadly the teacup I made was so bad there is no angle that would make it look good, tsk tsk.
I was going for a Maria Clara (traditional gown worn by Filipinas) inspired outfit for her with the attempt to make a pañuelo (piano shawl). I’ve always loved the sheer piña fabric (made from leaves of the pineapple plant) in Filipiniana clothes. Inspirations (images from turtleneck):

Err…you know..close enough. Haha. It’s modernised y’know.

After a long day Her Royal Highness has to go back to her quarters to rest. She looks quite at home in my accessories cabinet, she even has my teddy bear earrings to keep her company.

Okiedokies, that’s all for now folks. Her bunniness needs her beauty rest.

Any art projects you’d like to recommend?


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