I always find new places to eat because of my friends. They’re usually the ones who know about places and take me there. Besides my usual food dates with friends, I rarely go out (I’m such a homebody). Sooo…the only way I could’ve found this place tucked away in Vulcan Lane was with my friends.
This place is just so cozy. The decor on the walls and the low light just makes it warmer and cozier. We literally spent hours talking and talking with the relaxing atmosphere around us.
It was a quiet night and we had the place pretty much to ourselves. Friends, food and of course… coffee and tea. Even after undergrad nothing brings us together as often as caffeine. Hahah.
Tuna in toasted wraps.
We also got some tapas. Brazilian Bombas (creamy potato balls with mince, cheese, aioli and salsa), couldn’t forget that name because it just sounds so intense. Bomba. Boom. The other one is Turkish Beef Meatballs – I like the ragu it came with.
A homey place for a homebody like me.


4 thoughts on “Tasca

  1. The place indeed seemed cozy and relax and the food looks so yummy. I wish I can also find places like that here in my place which I actually doubt because like you I’m such a home buddy and also have to rely to my friends most of the time as to where we go. ^^

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