Chocolate Cake Balls


Hello hello helloooooo.
Remember my cake pops? I actually made these cake balls before that. I just wanted to try a different way to make them. My aunt bought me this cute cake ball mold, makes cake pops life way easier. Buuuuuuut… not when you’re me. Hahah.
I should’ve used a pound cake recipe because cake balls need to be dense to hold its shape after popping out of the mold. Buuuuut…instead I used the chocolate cupcake recipe I’ve used before. Hmmm. Well when you get the cravings, you get the cravings. Onward we go.
Ah seems to still be looking fine.
And then… they turned out like this. *sigh* To defend my non-ball balls they were really delicious~ Melt in your mouth chocolatey goodness. Making them miniature and tweaking the temperature a bit made the texture amahhhhzing. But then because they weren’t pound cake kind of dense they didn’t have a nice shape and some fell apart when I took them out of the silicone mold. #bakingproblems
Not to mention my cake melts..which I wanted to coat them with didn’t melt nicely. Instead of a fluid consistency I got paste-y stuff #microwaveproblems #candymeltsproblems #hashtagproblems (I use a lot of hashtags on instagram and now it’s spilling over akkk 진짜???, talaga???, really???)
candy melts
At this point I wanted to just eat everything in front of me and let the sugar and chocolate calm me down.
But I wanted to give this to my friend and I wanted it to look like I tried. So… bingo. Why not put sprinkles! That really did not take long to contemplate. I thought about how happy the cake balls will be with sprinkles as I grudgingly try to manipulate the candy paste on top. Don’t they look happy?
They looked way better. What a relief.
Time to dance.
Soooo that’s my cake ball afternoon adventure.
See ya!


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