The long weekend is almost over. I hope you’re enjoying yours because if you’re in New Zealand… this is going to be the last long weekend in a loooong time. The next one is on October.
That’s a long time.
Anyways… speaking of a long time. My friend Tina and I had lunch at Prego a while back before she came back to Kaikohe.
Soo…google tells me that prego is please in Italian. Before googling, the joke in my head was that I’ll probably be pregnant with a food baby after lunch. Haha (I know lamers Mclame I am).
Lame jokes aside…let’s have lunch!

For starters we got Pane della Casa which is homemade loaf with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I eat this quite often at home but my friend haven’t tried it so it’s nice that she enjoyed it. Can’t go wrong with something as simple as that anyways hehe..
Because we’re in an Italian place we just went for pizza and pasta for lunch. Lame joke time: What do you call a fake noodle?… An imPASTA.
No more lame jokes?
Fine I’m out of jokes anyways. Here’s a real pasta dish anyways, Lasagna Prego.
Mmm…it’s a nice serving of cheesy, saucy yumminess. I thought the lasagna was pretty good thanks to the sauce’s flavour and no random veggies haha (I don’t know but I seem to get those in other places)

For pizza, we got Portofino – mushroom, bacon and shrimp. Pizza is pizza…the toppings make me happy. The crust was so-so but pizza is pizza.

On to dessert! I thought it was really nice that their desserts menu had wine pairings. I don’t care too much for alcohol but it’s a nice touch. We got
Budino di Datteri which is sticky date pudding, vanilla poached pear, ginger ice cream, hot caramel with pistachio crumb. This is sooooooo nice. This dessert gets two thumbs up. It sounded good in the menu and and it tasted great. Ginger ice cream was surprisingly nice it went so well with everything on the plate. Pretty sweet.

This place is nice…lovely outdoor and indoor spaces (plus big bathroom upstairs yeah ya for great bathroom selfies y’all). Pleasant lunch. Only a bit of a downside was one of our servers…he must’ve been having a bad day because it seemed like every time he spoke, he spoke grudgingly and couldn’t even spare a smile. Not a stellar day for that dude. He probably needed a long weekend.
Okiedokies. That’s all for now folks!



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