Kitchener Street Cafe

kitchener st..jpgI’ve been reading a novel by Matthew Quick called The Good Luck of Right Now. The title came from the main character’s mom’s philosophy that good stuff and bad stuff happen simultaneously all over the world to balance each other. If you’re experiencing unfortunate events, someone somewhere in the world is experiencing good stuff in their life. The book’s protagonist also called it synchronicity as he describes random good and bad events lining up and becoming connected to each other to arrive to something profound in his life.

Hmm..random start? Not really. This cafe was a little piece of my own version of synchronicity. A little while back I applied to work here. I just randomly applied even though I didn’t have experience in any cafe work, naturally I wasn’t hired. But during those times, I was super down and pretty much didn’t know what I was doing after undergrad studies. It seemed like a chain of unfortunate events. This was all before I decided to become a teacher so pretty much it was like a year of cluelessness.
Fast forward to my recent visit to this cafe with friends. We’re sharing future plans and things seem so much better than the last time I was here. Good vibes over good food.

It’s a bit easy to miss this place because of its location but it’s also a nice pocket off Albert park to relax in.
Ah anyways onto food! Talking about life plans make me so hungry and I’m happy the food was satisfying here.
I had eggs benedict on an english muffin with salmon. I don’t know why I don’t often eat eggs benedict but I’m going to eat it more often now. If only I could cook this for breakfast every day.
Ohhh yeah.
My friend also got some mixed mushrooms with bacon.
Then there’s carrot cake, berry shake and almond muffins.
Service was really good, the people were warm and friendly. During our meal it was interesting to see how well they knew their regulars, greeting them as soon as they stood by the door and making their orders already. It was pretty cool to see as I don’t see that so much in cafes these days.

That was a pleasant lunch date with my friends. Onward to we go! See you next time!


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