Cake Walk

The children in the centre I work in are super into ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ by Michael Rosen. It’s one of their favourite book/songs. Check out the Youtube video here, it was awesome seeing the book’s illustrations as animated characters. Ahhh anyways we’ve been singing and reading the book during mat-times and the youngest little girl is super duper into listening to the track over and over.

So one thursday afternoon, a surprisingly good weather allowed us to go crazy in the playground and backyard. The eldest child proposed we go on a bear hunt. She instructed all the children to hold hands and follow in the adventure. We chanted as we went through the ‘long, wavy, grass…swishhh swisssh’ and all the other ‘places’ before running away from the bear. After the bear hunt, the children decided we didn’t have enough adventures and so the deck became our bus-plane. They took their bags outside, sat on the invisible seats, and told me to drive them to China, then South Korea to commence all the other adventures. It was awesome seeing nine children of different ages so engrossed in their travels. When we finally landed back to New Zealand they happily retired inside as the sun started to set. Phew~

I thought that was a pretty awesome backyard adventure to share because I’m going on a sort of bear hunt (not really) in a few weeks too!

Anyways…from bear hunt to cake hunt. Not as adventurous but a fine walk to take nonetheless. So here’s our short cake walk around Mt. Eden shops.

We’re going on a cake hunt, we’re going to eat a big one. It’s a beautiful day! Oh no. An intersection. We can’t go over it, can’t go under it. We have to go cross it. 
IMG_5246.jpgWe’re going on a cake hunt, we’re going to eat a big one.  – aw look – Hi little one, would you like to go on a cake hunt, too?
Oh you’re sitting this one out? No worries. See you around.
We’re going on a cake hunt, we’re going to eat a big one. – oh look – got distracted and went inside a candy shop – what a cool floor design thingy…
We’re going on a cake hunt, we’re going to eat – hey gelato!…Maybe we should have a break. Let’s go and get some gelato.
We’re eating our gelato, some vanilla, some ferrero. What a beautiful day…
We’re going on a cake hunt, we’re going to eat a big one.
But look at these little ones
Yay we got a big (carrot cake) one!
IMG_5273.jpgI know I’m such a kid. But hey there’s gelato and cake.

That’s all for this cake hunt/cake walk hahahah 😀




8 thoughts on “Cake Walk

  1. Actually I am more interested in that gelato specially the flavour! I need to go there 🙂
    I used to live near that place but never had discovered this establishment

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