Hello hello.

No wait. I should definitely say annyeonghaseyo!

Remember that time I said I was going to Korea? sweetsandbrains-2136.jpgWell I’ve been in Korea since the end of last month. Orientation turned out to be awesome, exhausting and fun in the island of Jeju. I finally have time to blog now that I’m not living out of my suitcase. That’s right. I officially have my own place! I’ve been in a dorm for three weeks and a hotel for two days. I had a roommate for both and it was actually nice. I actually really miss my roommate in Jeju. We’re in different provinces so she’s a bit far. Who knew we’d end up liking each other —-it was a long shot when we first met each other. She was jet lagged and came in the middle of the night when I was shivering, feverish and straight up sick sick sick. We both needed sleep but had to deal with each other. I miss my new friends and old friends.

It’s such a shock to be in orientation a few days ago and then poof! I’ll start teaching tomorrow.

Anyways. I will try not to be little Miss Alone in Her Tiny Apartment but the aloneness will make me productive —-lesson plans and blog content wise so it’s not too bad. I miss all my friends and family terribly though. Missed them so much I started cleaning at night. Missed them so much that seeing Kpop on tv only cheered me up for a maximum of a few hours. Missed them so much I only bought bread, water and eggs to eat for my first two days. Missed them so much it drove me mad that I didn’t have wifi (I just got wifi in my place a few hours ago). Missed them so much I’m writing a blog draft when I couldn’t do one for a month. 

Hey I guess I can really say it has sunk in.

The update turned into a rant. Am I posting this? Probably. Hahha.

sweetsandbrains-6342.jpgOh so the update is..I will be posting my Jeju life, activities and whatnot…and maybe my last days and meals in Auckland might sneak in a post or two too.

Boom boom.

I need to learn to speak more Korean. And understand more. Though it’s becoming more and more fun to play charades and pictionary to shop for stuff. 

I need a hug. I just Skyped with my family for more than three hours. *hugs self* I guess that’ll do.

See ya!

(ps. a few minutes after writing the draft for this I heard someone wailing on my floor. obviously drunk. I’m amazed at how he even got to our floor drunk. he would’ve needed the key card to open the front of the building. go up to the fourth floor—-all stairs no lifts. Also amazing is that landlord ahjussi and my skinny MT lifted by biggest luggage up through those. I hear a doorbell nearby. Mr. came home drunk is I suppose too drunk to punch in his password hahhahah fun times ahead)

pps. Sorry for the weird random update and the random photos. The good things will come. And I do have a LOT LOT LOT of things to share. I will get back to my bloggy blog self in a few days or hours.

Let’s hope I don’t get buried alive by the mountain of photos I would have to sort through hahahahhaa



  1. So exciting!!! You’re very brave, and you’ve already gotten so far. Congratulations! Whenever you feel homesick, throw yourself into something productive. I hope the immersion helps you pick up language quickly. 🙂 I also hope the rest of your time is totally 대박!

    • life has been daebak so far 😀 I don’t feel the isolation now because I go to school and teach now and meet up with other scholars 🙂 Plus having wifi makes such a big difference haha. I really hope I pick it up. It feels like I lose the little Korean I have when I panic when meeting Koreans who know little english haha

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