First two days in Jeju

I know I’m about a month late into this first post. But hey it’s still win-win because I’m finally updating my blog and I get to look back at the stuff that I experienced since I got here in South Korea. Yay!

So just a small intro for those who just tuned in. I’m currently in South Korea as an English teacher through the TaLK program. I got here a month ago and I’m doing my belated blog updates because that’s how I roll. Haha. Okiedokies. 

From Auckland,  my fellow scholars and I flew to Hongkong then to Jeju Island. It was such a relief to fly with people. At first I thought I was going to have to fly to Korea alone, I was lucky that there were other Kiwis in the program and I got in touch with them just a few days after they booked their flight.
My plane buddies, Wahaab and Bobby. I should’ve dressed like them. I wore my normal winter clothes to the when we got to Jeju the heat was killing me and I was dragging my winter coat behind me.
PicMonkey Collage
The TaLK booth at Jeju airport. Our arrival time coincided with a lot of scholars (they were on the same plane…we just didn’t know haha).
After all the scholars were gathered, the coordinators herded us into a bus outside. I remember the heat being unbearable and all I kept thinking was “I need to take my tights off” and “Why did I have to wear long sleeves?!” and “I think there’s something wrong with my cart, I’m exerting too much effort to push it”, it didn’t help that I wore my wedge boots(they were my heaviest shoes so I thought I should just wear them rather than add to my luggage weight.) I’m a noob traveler can you tell?
sweetsandbrains-6336.jpgThe airport was an hour away from our accommodations. Even though I was tired, the thought of actually finally being in Korea woke me up. I just stared at the window, and took random, mostly blurry snaps of my first glimpses of Korea. It seemed foreign yet familiar. As we passed by little bits and outskirts of Jeju city I remember thinking how some of it looked like what I would see in the Philippines and the only difference was that everything was in Hangul.
Once we’ve gone past that scenery, everything was greenery…trees, mountains…for a moment I was like..hold on am I back home? And then a random building pops up with hangul on it. Hahha. Nope nope you’re definitely not in New Zealand, Marnelli.

sweetsandbrains-6339.jpgAnywhoooo after the bus ride we finally pulled up in front of our campus (for the national orientation) and we were ushered to our dorm buildings. The campus is North London Collegiate School Jeju and it’s pretty flash and brand spanking new, you know it’s boarding school for rich kids. 

It’s nestled in a pocket community in the middle of nowhere called Jeju Global Education City. Everything is so flipping new. They were literally building the place around us. Walking around this place is like peeling plastic off new appliances.

The very next day we went for a little walk around.

Sooooo here’s a little tour of the area outside the campus. Fellow scholars who attended the orientation would know these places all too well. We’ve been walking through this route everyday during orientation. I took photos of the scenic half of the way..the other half looks like a wasteland but it’s transforming so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all flashy new buildings in a few months’ time.


The person in this photo is Nikki, another scholar from NZ 😀 We even live in the same suburb back home haha.
These outdoor photos were taken on our 2nd day in Jeju. That was a pretty smart/lucky thing to do because Jeju welcomed us with monsoon season the day after.
Here’s a comparison.
The view from my dorm room. From calming to creepy. Nice eh?

sweetsandbrains-6433.jpgI guess that’s enough for catchup numero uno.

See you!




  1. Nice digs! I love the photo taken from through the bridge, looking up at the sky. How come it all looks so quiet and peaceful? Is everyone on holiday?

    Do you cook for yourselves or is there a cafeteria?

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