Bits of orientation life


So here’s the next part of my belated updates. Please excuse the mixed quality of photos…a lot of them are taken from my phone. If you follow me on instagram, I’ve already posted some of these there.

Find the beginning of the adventure here. The other TaLK scholars spent three weeks in the flashy campus in Jeju for our orientation. We were well taken care of…good dorms, meals at cafeteria, and shuttle bus from our campus to the lecture building (it wasn’t that far but the HEAT…the heat..makes it feel sooo far).
Here’s a not so good photo of the lobby/common area. I took it while lying down on the couches. Hahah. Felt at home there. Sometimes when noone was around I’d watch the sunset from the big windows on one side of it.
The massive washing machine! Doing the laundry with an industrial washing machine is interesting and it’s kind of hypnotising.
The room I was assigned to was on Van Gogh’s floor. Check out our lift!
The floors were named after artists and writers. The floor above mine was Banksy’s…I liked this part…
Prior to my Jeju experience I’ve never lived in a dorm. So the dorm life and all its novelty was pretty cool to me. Getting a roommate, living on a campus with people my age and all that. But an episode made me prematurely homesick. I guess being proper sick is a legit enough reason to want to go home (even though I just got there). But like the quote above…that lifestyle is out of stock…

I don’t know how I could’ve felt so awful so fast – okay maybe I do – the heat. But after the short walk out of campus I got a headache then fever… a few hours later I have the whole set, shivering, colds and whatnot. Fun times. I had some medicine from NZ but my body was just so and cold, hot and cold. In the middle of the night my heart was racing and I couldn’t sleep. So weak and a bit scared, why was my heart racing? My eyes were starting to swell too. Long story short I went to the ER in the city. First time I ever went to a hospital because I was sick. Hahaha…I knew I was going to experience a lot of new things in Korea I didn’t this was going to be one of them. I got a shot in the bum (yeah another first) and was sent on my way with a bunch of meds.

I was sick for days. I missed out on the opening ceremony because my eyes were almost swollen shut.
Ah but anyways. That’s my story. I’m all good now. Whew.
Sooooo onto food! During my time in Jeju I was eating cafeteria food most of the time. I didn’t take photos everyday because…well yeah nah you gotta draw the line somewhere haha. When we first got to the campus there’s two lines – one traditional Korean meal and the other is more Western. After a few days there was just one line or two sides would have the same meal. The disappearance of that line can also be seen in the food, it made things interesting…let’s say a lot of things had a twist…some good some hmmm… some sent most of my fellow scholars flocking to the chicken and pizza places outside campus. Hahah.

The cool thing is that there’s this cabinet where they not only list what’s on the menu but they also place a sample of the meal in it so you know what you’re getting. I don’t always look because I like the surprise.
So here are some of my cafeteria meals. There is always rice. Always. Rice, kimchi and salad were the constants. I didn’t always have kimchi though.
Loved the savoury Korean pancakes on this one. It’s the one next to a slice of pizza. Watermelon is like gold. Everytime the lunch ladies serve it everyone’s always scrambling for 3 or more pieces and it’s gone like the wind haha.
I like this one too. The noodles and meat were nice. I like this kind of rice too.
Hmm…this one..not too awesome. I took a photo because I thought it was going to be, there’s a burger after all.
My favourite lunch ever. Everything was tasty. There’s my fave bibimbap and other yummy things like squid and the sort of curry puff.

Besides cafeteria food there’s other foods consumed around campus.
Like this array of Korean junk food from the last day of Korean language classes…I found one that I loved~
The convenience store nearby was always a source of random snacks. I tried not to go too often but other scholars practically lived there haha.
So this was the junk food I liked. My roommate said it was like cereal and needed milk. I need to find this somewhere and have this for breakfast when my cereal runs out. The label says it’s Canada maple syrup flavoured. I didn’t really confirm with any Canadian I know.
Found this at the back of a bag of chips. Haha..the illustration.
First Korean pizza! They use a different crust which looks like wholemeal or something but it tastes great. We had bulgogi pizza and sweet potato pizza. Bulgogi was all meaty and not really that different meanwhile sweet potato was an interesting one. Texture-wise it was like mashed potato on pizza but it was actually really yummy. I’d have that again.

Man we ate so much food during orientation. It’s a good thing there’s some walking afterwards.

I need to go for a walk too. More updates to come. See ya!


4 thoughts on “Bits of orientation life

  1. It must be hard adjusting to such a different lifestyle without family! Even scarier getting sick like that >.< Getting major envy though, it sounds like an experience of a lifetime!

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