Jeju Field Trip! Part 1


Here’s another throwback post from my time in Jeju Island. We had an awesome field trip to Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak) and Manjanggul Cave. It was my first time to leave the campus and it was soooooo awesome. My experience in actual Korea. (Lots of people, myself included, thought that during orientation all of us were living in a bubble in that campus. We’re in Korea but sort of not. Hahha. )

Ah anyways. Enjoy the pictures! First off, Dong Am Sa temple at the foot of Seongsan Ilchulbong. I didn’t go inside because I wasn’t sure if I could. I also don’t know how to conduct myself in a temple.
dong am sa temple

Okiedokies. Time to start climbing the stairs to the top. No wait, snap photos first.
seongsan ilchulbong
Okay stairs time. I’m not posting the photos of all the climbing…because…I couldn’t snap a photo when all I can think of were my thighs burning. Man, those stairs were exhausting. I’m also out of shape. If you want to see the whole getting up the stairs, a fellow scholar has a video with his cool go pro strapped to his bag while he was climbing here (I took more rest stops obvs…).

The views from the top! Yes worth it.
Okiedokies. Heading back down. Always better.
sweetsandbrains-6557.jpgWe had time to look at souvenirs. How cute are these mini dol hareubangs? Their large mushroom like counterparts are everywhere in Jeju – they’re supposed to be gods that provide protection and fertility.
Sooo all those stairs definitely worked up an appetite. And maaaan I was so happy to eat. Not only because I was so hungry but because it was my first non-cafeteria meal!sweetsandbrains-6608.jpg Oooooh yes.
My first…bibimbap in Korea! Eating my favourite Korean food in Korea. Ehrmagerd.
Let me leave you with this bowl of happiness. sweetsandbrains-6629.jpg

To be continued!


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