Jeju Field Trip! Part 2

It’s Part Two of the field trip! Are you surprised it didn’t take me ages to post the continuation? I am too.

Check out Part One here.

At the end of part one I left you with a big bowl of happiness aka bibimbap. After my satisfying lunch, it was time to head back and see more Jeju beauty.
We went up and touched the skies, now it’s time to head down and feel the sea.
Besides being a great place to take photos in, this is also a place where the Haenyo women dive for sea products. We weren’t able to see them in action, but those women are pretty awesome…they free dive and a lot of them continue diving even when they reach their 60s. Wow.

I saw the women in a different kind of action though…preparing the seafood they caught. Ohhh yeaaa
fresh seafood
Fresher than the fresh prince.
After splashing ourselves with some sea water it was time to go back to our buses and head to our next destination – Manjanggul Cave/Lava Tube (it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site, nice). Here’s some photos I took before we went down the cave.
Don’t forget a photo with a dol hareubang, a trip to Jeju isn’t complete without it. Haha.
And this is just me being random
Time to go down! Hey did you know that a lava tunnel is formed when the lava that was deep in the ground spouts from the peak and flows to the surface. So 200,000-300,000 years ago they got a nice tunnel with interesting structures out of it- there was even a rock formation they call Stone Turtle and it looks like Jeju Island.
After the sweltering heat from going up and down Seongsan Ilchulbong it was so refreshing to go down the cool caves. The cool temperature (the caves maintain temperatures between 11-21 degrees Celsius) invited us to descend. So good~
It was wet and cold inside, the water drips from the ceiling. It was also easy to trip and smash my face so I had to walk carefully and coordinate my feet with the wet, uneven ground. S’all good though because it was my first time to be in a cave so I was enjoying myself. I also couldn’t be bothered to change camera settings so my cave photos aren’t that great. Heheh.. my bad camera skills actually made interesting photos.
Mood lighting + ancient rocks = badass.
This is at the end of the tunnel (well the end that’s open to public at least). My derpy derp derp face with a giant lava column (7.6 m tall) – the largest known lava column in the world. Oh yeeeaa.
After that…we headed back up and my friend saw this cool spider.
We piled back to our buses and headed back to the campus and back to our dorms.
Here are the souvenirs I got from that trip. Jeju chocolates and a cute little magnet. The chocolates were shaped like dol hareubangs too. So cute. Jeju is famous for hallabong, a citrus fruit. So I had to try some of their hallabong chocolates. They also have cactus chocolate which tastes good too. I might like the cactus one a little bit more than hallabong chocolate hehe…
jeju souvenirs

So that’s the end of my field trip in Jeju. Catch you later! Feel like coming to Jeju Island anytime soon?


5 thoughts on “Jeju Field Trip! Part 2

  1. Ahh, I went to those places in Jeju too! We bought fresh squid from the exact same ahjummas in your photos haha! Props to you for walking all the way to the top in your last post- I only made it halfway before turning back down.

    1. ohhh I had to get up there even though I couldn’t catch my breath hahah there were older people beating me to the top – not to mention other people weirdly dressed in dresses and sandals (wedges even! I don’t even know..).So much motivation to keep going haha – plus the view 😀

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