O’Sulloc Green Tea Museum

Hello hello everyone.

Here’s another throwback Jeju post. A trip to the Green Tea Museum! This was so close to our campus that we could walk. The interesting thing about Jeju…besides having so many awesome nature places to go to – is that it’s full of museums. There’s probably a museum for everything there. Just look at this sign in one area…
I can’t tell you what those places are like because I’ve never been but hey here’s Green Tea Museum so it’s all gooood.
Fields and fields of tea. I think the usual thing people do is go around the tea fields and then go to the museum. Buuuut. It was the peak of summer and Jeju heat is no joke. Soooo a few photos and I’m happy to come indoors.
And of course my super touristy self…because I can’t help it. I’m also holding my hat because it was pointed out to me that it’s an ahjumma’s (old woman’s) hat…at first I didn’t care but when I saw 99.99% of older people did indeed have the same hat as mine I decided to hold my hat hahahah. My mom already told me that one of my fave shirts is a grandma shirt – to pair that with the hat would be pushing it. hahaha.
I love this area near the entrance. So magical~ Don’t know what it’s got to do with tea but who cares it’s pretty. It would fit nicely in Winner’s MV for Color Ring
Okay so honestly speaking, it isn’t much of a museum. Besides the few art pieces here and there and a portion of the wall containing old packaging from the tea brand’s not so distant past it was mostly a shop and cafe.
Look at that ceiling.
They have a cute diorama on how tea gets from the field to their stores. The description were all in Korean so I can’t be certain what they’re doing but it looks like they harvest the tea leaves, dry them out and voila~ all in a cute format.
Time for tea~
They serve up free sample of wonderful-smelling tea. The very premium stuff. The kind that makes you fall in love and then break your heart when you check the box because it’s almost 40 bucks. Ouch. But really good tea.
And I do love tea. It’s just that…I wasn’t sure what other things I was going to spend money on before our first pay arrives and the thought of my pocket money dwindling away that early in my journeys worried me. I don’t YOLO with money (not all the time haha).
At least their offerings have a good range of premium to affordable ones. So much tea, so little time..and money. Hahah. Those gift boxes are the bomb. Each one is themed and the packaging is lovely. My favourite was the storybook/fairytale themed one. The box was fashioned like a massive book and each tea was a different fairytale.
More beautiful and expensive tea stuff. Swoon~
After deciding that I was keeping my money with me and away from expensive tea. We decided to venture what the cafe offers.
The sad, sad, sad…so so sad thing was that everything I wanted to try…the green tea roll cake (and every roll cake), green tea latte and pretty much most of their specialties were sold out. What’s even more painful was that if I turned my head just a little bit, there were many customers with said sold out stuff…In my head I shook my fists at them and yelled “Why did you have to eat so much!”. It’s not too bad though because they inadvertently saved me some money as I resigned myself to some green tea ice cream.
Disregarding my recovering sore throat, I thought, you will probably not come back here again so you need to try something or it will haunt you forever. And I definitely would’ve regretted not having that ice cream. How can I put it? It was the green tea-est ice cream I’ve ever had. The tea flavour was so rich it was perfect. The bomb diggity.
My friend got a refreshing berry tea drink of some sort.
After enjoying our refreshments, we decided to enjoy to go up on the viewing deck. Almost everything in Jeju has a nice view. It’s probably mandatory. A sign by the stairs tells us how awesome the view is before we even get there.
So yeah. That’s the tea museum in Jeju. I’ll have a bonus post coming up because I took so many photos of other stuff around that area, so stay tuned ^^.
That’s all for now. See ya!

What do you think of this museum?


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