Tea Museum Extras, Snakes and A Video.


Hello hello. I have a post of extras from when I went to the Tea Museum in Jeju. Here’s a little video I made…just walking through the museum. Hahah I know my video making skills leave a lot to be desired but I’ll try harder next time!

Some photos outside…Gasp. Snakes (okay, not really..but the sign is cute and I wouldn’t mind seeing a snake as long as it’s not going to poison me). And… Sculptures that are like teeth to me.
Next to the museum is the Innisfree Jeju House so I thought I’d share that too~
They had several crafts table where you can personalise your soap. It looked fun but I was on a budget. So I just enjoyed watching the kids do it.
They also had some displays about how attuned to nature their whole brand is…some of it quite random but it’s still kind of interesting to see. The next area is mostly their cosmetics and products and next to it, sectioned by an interesting science-y sort of colourful fruit display and whatnot, is their organic cafe. The food looked incredible but was on the pricey side. Well…whaddya expect Jeju is a tourist destination.

The displays were so tempting!!!

I really wonder what this was. Doesn’t help that I didn’t get a clear photo of the label. It looks like it has red bean but it’s still mostly a mystery.
Took a quick snap of someone else’s order. It looks like coffee and  a super duper premium bingsu of some sort. Epic bingsu.
sweetsandbrains-6982.jpgMan, now I feel like eating bingsu myself.

Okiedokies. That’s all for now folks. See you soon!



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