Snow in Gunsan

Hello there~

I’m currently sitting in my ondol-heated apartment, sipping my cup of green tea latte while the snow outside pile up and up and up.
I realised I haven’t been updating you guys much. I’m sorry for that. I haven’t even shared anything from my current home city. Well. Time for a quick update.  Snow, snow and snow.  To set the mood,  here’s Urban Zakapa with ‘Snowing’

The two places I’ve lived in (the Philippines and Auckland, NZ) are not the snowy kind of places. Sure, Auckland technically has winter but man oh man, Korea’s autumn season is pretty much Auckland winter so my born-in-the-tropics body couldn’t even begin to comprehend the cold in the negatives.
I knew I was going to experience my first real winter in Korea so I was even just a little bit impatient when November was about to bid adieu and only little signs of Jack the Frost came my way (there was that one early morning when the snow fell for a while but didn’t stick ). Turns out Korea’s weather and season pattern runs a tight schedule (yep not like crazy bipolar Auckland weather) so on the first of December it snowed. Not just the ‘oh…snow’ but more like ‘omg I live in a snow globe!’ with winds making snow fall horizontally. It didn’t take long for the city of Gunsan to be lightly sprinkled like icing sugar on a fudge brownie.

Though there was a day when it rained and melted the snow and I felt a bit depressed and confused. Why did it rain? It destroyed my white winter wonderland. TTTTT.TTTTTT The snow was quick to recover and piled everywhere enough to make me want to kick myself for not buying snowboots already. Boy, as beautiful as an all white everything was it was so flipping hard to walk in snowy and often icy paths. I needed a lot of winter shopping to do.
Anyways my kids have been hounding me for a while to play outside so I indulged them this friday, because it’s friday and I finally bought myself weather proof gloves the other day. Snowball fights are a good exercise, especially when against 2nd and 3rd graders (they’re adorable – I mean crazy adorable – they come to class drenched in snow with their cheeks red). Hahahah. Just you wait kids, when teacher gets her snowboots I will demolish you all mwahahhaha.
I don’t think I will ever get used to the snow, every time snow falls I’m mesmerised and scared at the same time.

Mesmerised, because how can you not be?! It’s magic and I cry on the inside because it’s just so breathtaking. Finding snow everywhere is so cool (yep,pun intended) so many inches piled on cars (when I walk home I cannot resist making snowballs from piles on each car), statues, bushes (you name it, it’ll be covered). Not to mention the mountain/hill in the distance…dotted with some browns and greens but still mostly white too. It’s even cool to watch trees unload snow, their branches heaped with so much snow so they bend the branches a bit and release an ant’s avalanche – that or one of the kids are shaking the low branches.
Scared, because my body was not born for this weather hahah…(surprisingly I’ve only had a few sniffles – my immune system was definitely strengthened during that whole year of catching every virus from infants and toddlers last year!) Frozen steps are also scary, walking on anything frozen really. I feel like I’m one bad step away from breaking my face these days (yes need better shoes really haha).
To celebrate the magic that is snow and my gratitude for experiencing something beautiful everyday I’m just here to share a few photos I took recently around the school grounds.
PicMonkey Photo


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