별에서 온 그대 My Love From the Star/You Who Came From the Stars Exhibit

This is for all you kdrama fans out there, specifically this particular drama. I have to admit this is also the only Korean drama I fully watched so my fangirling definitely reached new heights with this trip.
If you haven’t seen it…well I think you should haha. The short intro to it is that an alien landed on Earth during Joseon Dynasty. 400 years later, he falls in love with a top actress in modern Korea. Do Min Joon is the alien who doesn’t age, has superpowers like super speed and the ability to stop time for a while. Cheon Song Yi is the actress he falls in love with.

How do I begin?
My friend and I didn’t even know that this exhibit was still on when we arranged our weekend to Seoul. This exhibit was originally held in Dongdaemun Design Plaza months ago so we thought it was ooooover…until we saw a small booth at the DDP with flyers of this exhibit. Mwahahahah. We basically dropped all our so-called weekend plans and flung ourselves to the subway. We didn’t really realise that it was going to be far haha. From Dongdaemun in Seoul we rode the subway for 30 minutes to Daehwa station (the very end of line 3) to get to KINTEX in Goyang City (north of Seoul).
KINTEX is pretty big. We got lost inside two buildings before we realised the whole exhibit was in an special outdoor place hahah(would’ve realised that earlier if we looked at the brochure/flyer closely). Anyways we finally got our tickets and prepared ourselves to meet our destiny-I mean, one true love-I mean, Do Min Joon…errr finally enter.
PicMonkey Collage
Starting from the very beginning. Hmmm how do I not give spoilers…well there’s Do Min Joon’s spacesuit and then there’s  a gama/sedan chair used to transport people. Find the connection. Hahha.
Other Joseon era stuff..
joseon do min joon
The one and only…Cheon Song Yi’s hair pin~ a very important hair pin.
Fast forward to present day Korea. Kdrama fans, does this corridor look familiar?
What about this elevator? The meeting place.
Ahhh who do we visit first?
Hmm… shall we visit the ‘Hallyu Goddess’, top actress Cheon Song Yi?
Cheon Song Yi’s beautiful face is everywhere. If you looked that good…why not, right? Haha. Also, her character is quite self-centred so that’s why she’s everywhere. There’s a lot of interesting and clashing prints and textures in her apartment…because she’s crazy quirky like that.
Glamorous~ my oh my
And we cannot forget Cheon Song Yi’s bedroom and closet. She’s such a fashion icon both in the drama and in real life. Whatever Cheon Song Yi wears gets sold out in a flash. It’s crazy. The show’s stylist is pretty amazing. I love how the characters are styled in this drama. Also that bed is flipping awesome. I want to have it.
Sooooo that was Cheon Song Yi’s place. But what about Do Min Joon?
While Cheon Song Yi had the glamorous, extravagant and quirky style in her apartment. Do Min Joon is all about sleek and modern sophistication (he’s an alien after all). It’s monochrome and minimalistic like the cold character. I’m not much for minimalism but man oh man I want a kitchen like that. And look at the lovely stone texture that breaks all the white walls.
The living room area also has one of the cameras from the studios. Fancy yourself as an actor? Too bad all I can do is derp in front of a camera. Haha.
sweetsandbrains-1644.jpgMoving on to more apartment awesomeness. Featuring the indoor garden. That is just a genius idea. A tree indoors, like whaaaaat. It brought a nice earthy colour to the super streamlined apartment style~ The water reflection just adds so much to it too. Man oh man. Even if you don’t care about love stories you can definitely appreciate the details they put in the sets.

Next is an area that probably made die-hard fangirls hyperventilate just a bit by the sight of it. Do Min Joon’s bedroom. Yep I sort of sat on it hahha.
The bedroom is a mix of the super modern aesthetics of the other parts of the apartment with a nod to the secret part of the house.
The best part of the exhibit, I’d say is the next room. Do Min Joon’s secret library! The one room that reveals how ancient that dude really is hahah. It’s basically a museum. There’s so many curious things in here. Well 400 years is a long time to hoard so much history anyway so the library reflects it perfectly.

Of all his many qualifications, what surprised me was that Do Min Joon is a Jedi master of science. Like what. I love that detail. hahahha.
There’s just so many awesome things in these place. I felt important just sitting on that desk. My friend and I kept on joking that if we ever published books we would use our photos taken in this place as our ‘about the author’ jacket photos.
Do Min Joon or no Do Min Joon, I wish this was a real library/study I could stay in. (I mean look, it matches my favourite sweater.)
So I think I’ll end my fangirling post about this drama here. There’s other things that you can do in the exhibit that I didn’t include in this post. The coolest one I didn’t include is taking a photo/video with the time-freeze feature…like in the drama/or matrix haha.
If you’re a fan of the drama, the journey to this exhibit is definitely worth it. If you’re travelling to Korea this year you still have a lot of time because this exhibit runs until the 31st of August.
Details are on their website here.
That’s all for now folks.
See ya!

13 thoughts on “별에서 온 그대 My Love From the Star/You Who Came From the Stars Exhibit

  1. Is that the actual set?! It looks exactly the same as in the drama! I loooooved this drama, Kim Soo Hyun is just too good to be true! You took really good photos, it made me feel like I was there! *fangirls with you*

    1. Aw yes the brochure said something about original sets so it must be hehe. Glad you liked the photos. I’m so happy to fangirl with more people!~ My friend and I kept omg-ing to ourselves the whole time hahah. And yess Kim Soo Hyun… I need to watch his other dramas too haha

    1. Hi JC. I think one hour is okay, it depends how long you’d want to stay in each section and how many visitors the exhibit has. We took a lot of photos and tried out all the interactive stuff so I think I definitely spent more than an hour there. Just wanted to add that this is out of Seoul so travel time is kind of long if you’re coming from there.

  2. Hello can i ask you where did you buy your ticket? Is it via hanatour which is written in the web or on the ticket spot outside the kintex?

    1. Hi Puts, I just bought my ticket at the ticket area at Kintex. Kintex has two big buildings and this exhibition is in a separate area outside the second building. The ticket area is at the very end of the second building that is closest to the exhibition space for My Love from The Star. Hope that helps 🙂

      1. Thankyou very much your info helps alot!
        Iam going to go there on June 27th which is Saturday, what day did you visit it? I heard it only closes on Monday, so for saturday it will be open right?

        By the way, you bought the ticket on the spot, so i won’t need to make a reservation?
        Thanks so much ^^

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