Holiday Lights

I didn’t expect Korea to be as christmas-y at it had been. I don’t know. I didn’t really know what to expect to begin with anyway. As the title suggests this is just a random post with the lights I’ve seen around Myeongdong in Seoul and Haeundae in Busan around the holidays.

Even though the place I live in, Gunsan, is pretty much a city – it’s still pretty provincial in a way that it didn’t have that crazy festive touch big cities usually have.

My favourite one around Myeongdong was the lights in Lotte Young Plaza. Lovely Christmas with that christmas tree and that adorable king(?) owl hahah.
Of course big makeup shops were filled with lights too. The streets were so crazy my eyes kept darting from the crowds, the lights, the street food, the lights, more crowds. You do not go to Myeongdong for a relaxing shop btw. You do it for that energetic atmosphere. I guess the upside to shopping in specifically tourist places is they’ll speak english with you but maaaaaaan there are cheaper and less crazier places to go shopping in. Hahhaha.
But hey you know…christmas lights and massive Korean celebrities’ faces all over is nothing to complain about really. Kim Soo Hyun anyone?
PicMonkey Collag be
All the lights lights lights
My favourite princessy brand, Etude House is so so so sparkly and princessy and not so subtly saying ‘give me all your money’
So yeah shops use christmas to be extra bedazzling. But also not forgetting that the holidays is pretty much a couples holidays here in Korea…I saw some very couple-y lights decorations around Busan.
Rub it in Busan, rub it in. Hahah. Okay truthfully, the amount of lovey-dovey couples during the holidays wasn’t overwhelming. Korea is a couples country 365 days in a year anyway haha. Didn’t affect me much until I sat down at a fancy-ish restaurant on christmas day and stopped the lady from arranging the table for two and saying ‘hana (one)’ – omg the look of pity on her face for me. It’s okay lady I can easily eat for two anyway.

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