Where Have You Been?

I’ve been away. That…is pretty obvious.

But I’ve been away from the blog for good reasons. The best one is…. I went to Japan!

Wooohooooo. If you follow my instagram this isn’t surprising anymore but hey~ I’m still amazed I really went to Japan. After unpacking every souvenir I got I still have that warm fuzzy feeling that you get when you’re daydreaming about something magical. It really happened. I went to Japan, ate Japanese food, interacted with Japanese people, had a wonderful time with my aunt and her brother-in-law and became friends with someone awesome too!

I’m a million miles away from being considered a jet-setter so every time I visit a different country it’s a super big deal to me. Also, what I’m saying is I have Japan stuff to share now. Japan posts will be interspersed among the usual life in Korea posts. I’m probably not going to post chronologically … ah well, we’ll see won’t we?

Anywho here are some random photos from Japan.

The first sakura blossoms I saw in Japan was in Yanaka graveyard. It was wonderful seeing it because it was in the midst of gravestones and naked tree branches. That specific grave site seemed magical. Beautiful life sprung in the middle of death.

Saw a couple of students passing by in the graveyard. Man I love their uniform.

Another couple. Saw them around Kawagoe, Saitama. They were washing their hands before paying their respects in a small shrine nearby. Their yukatas are lovely.

Cheap sweets. I think I found these outside a shop in Kawagoe. I bought a pack of green and yellow ones. I don’t know what they are and I haven’t opened mine yet haha. I will find out soon.

My lolita fashion makeover in Harajuku. I’m planning to blog about my experience and submit it to be part of the awesome website Japanlover (on a slightly related note, I met one of Japanlover’s founders, Kaila of Rainbowholic and she was wonderful. It was pretty cool to meet someone who you sort of know through their blog but it’s sooooo incredible that we really hit it off. It felt like catching up with a long lost friend rather than a first meeting. Thank you internet~).

This was a pretty awesome and unique experience for me. I’ve always adored the different styles of people roaming around Harajuku. Japanese fashion and subcultures are so fascinating.

So that’s all for our small catchup. I promise to share something soon~
See ya!


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