Seonyudo Island

My coteacher has told me a few times that Gunsan barely gets spring. I get what she means now. From the cold of winter it seemed like there was a faint breath of spring weather and boom snap we’re getting 23 degree days. Wow. I can’t complain though. I’m so over wearing winter coats and puffy jackets and just being cold in general. It’s also a nice thought that I have experienced all the seasons in Korea now. Oh time why do you go by so fast?

My friends and I decided to check out one of the nearby islands in Gunsan. Seonyudo 선유도 Island. We opted for an early ferry ride to Seonyudo. I was surprised to find out that you can ride the ferry from here to China. I’d like to go to China someday too but I’d rather fly hahah.
The ferry ride was about an hour and a half. The seats were comfortable so I eventually fell asleep. Somewhere on my facebook feed I have a photo of me hiding behind a hat, sunnies and a scarf while fast asleep. My friends couldn’t resist. Fair enough. I looked hilarious. Anyways after a peaceful ride we arrived in Seonyudo and were greeted by vans from different pensions. By pension I mean a holiday house, they call them that here in Korea. Different people were calling out to us and inviting us to rent their bikes or choose their pensions to stay at. This is all inference by the way, my Korean is too awful to comprehend much. Hahha. We decided to go to the ticket office next to a little market area for our return tickets but there weren’t any people around. Oh well.
fish and signs seonyudo
We found an ahjussi to rent our bikes from. It was ₩10,000 for the whole day. Pretty good~ He gave me a pink bike with a basket in front of it. Oh the excitement in my little heart. I have to tell you that this was only my third time to ride a bike (I learned a little over a month ago heheh) so it took me a while to get going. But…I’m on a pink bike…with a basket, it doesn’t matter. Haha. My friends were patient and shouted words of encouragement as I lagged along behind them.
We rode our bikes through the beautiful scenery and I’m always torn between focusing on being on the bike and enjoying the scene or stopping to take photos. My trigger happy fingers were busy with bike handlebars and if I get too mesmerised with just looking at everything I risk endangering myself. I need to get better at this.
This post is turning into a bike diary but I just want to add how happy I am that I managed to bike through different paths, even the crazy bumpy, gravelly ones. Sure I would freak out every time I went on a downward slope but I stayed on my bike! There were many times I thought I’d fall down and break my face or something (oh how I feared going downhill!) but I gripped the bike tight and I managed to balance myself. Hand on the breaks and stay straight. I still scraped my knee though and at probably the most unassuming part of the day too. I was about to return the bike and was planning to go from the road to the sidewalk when my bike and I just went sideways and splat. So simple. I thought it would be easy because I did it an hour ago and I didn’t fail. Ah to be a noob. So many life analogies to be found from riding a bike too. You probably know it all but it only makes sense to me now that I actually have gone on some bike adventures.
Instant ramen in the island. Hahha. We didn’t really plan to have these for lunch. We were at restaurant where the lady was irritable and kept objecting our orders. Hunger, irritability and language barriers = a trip to the nearest convenience store. Good call though, the lady at the store was so accommodating like having a mom prepare your instant ramen for you. sweetsandbrains-1602.jpg
My friend, Sareena aka our Gunsan guide. She’s been here for almost two years so when it comes to Gunsan adventuring, she’s the boss.

Emotion on the rocks. Erin and Holly were reenacting the princes’ ‘Agony’ scene from Into the Woods. Nailed it.
Biking through the blossoms~ *sigh*
Searching the sea for someone to go on romantic bike rides with hahahah. Jokes.
Here…some nets to do the catching for me.
I had a sweet moment by the rocks. I got it in my head that I should climb down and get to the little platform of rocks at the bottom. It was pretty fun but I did worry a little bit when the algae made it quite slippery. I figured I could swim in case I did slip into the water haha. But oh man I think I miss rock climbing. Ah the success when I got there. I yelled at my friend, Sareena, so she could capture my tiny victory hahah.

So that was my little photo diary entry from Seonyudo. It was pretty fun. Fingers crossed for more adventures. I’m making the most of my remaining time in Korea. 🙂
Till next time!


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