Santa Monica Crepes

Just a short throwback post. I’m randomly going through my photos from Japan these days. Here’s a little something from the streets of Harajuku.

Eating crepes in the kawaii streets have been mentioned countless of times when I read about things to do in Harajuku so I had to give in to the urge and stop by one of several crepe places dotted around the district. This was when my aunt and uncle were helping me weave through the colourful and distracting streets. I just didn’t know where to look anymore. My mind was a jumble like, crepes! Oh wow a Lolita girl! Look at all the flavours in this place…wow that whole outfit is so on point, did that shirt really say what I thought it says? Everything was visually confusing and stimulating, they all could’ve lit up like neon lights in my eyes.
Santa Monica Crepes has a cute exterior that’s channeling some old school diner feel. I found myself in front of so many choices for crepe flavours. Where do I even begin???
Rows and rows of displays and choices. I’ve never been to a crepe place with so many things to choose from. At least I narrowed it down by deciding I want sweet ones. Hahah.
PicMonkey Collage
I finally settled on a crepe with a chocolate brownie, kiwifruit and cookies. My aunt had the classic banana and chocolate brownie combo.
I’m no stranger to crepes and while this didn’t totally blow my mind, I enjoyed every bit of it 🙂
This was way back in winter….kekeke I’ve been holding on to my photos that long hahah.
Anyways that’s it for this short post! More photos of random adventuring soon~


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