My This Is Not A Book Adventures

A little while ago I purchased This Is Not A Book by Keri Smith while I was visiting a friend in Waegwan near Daegu. It’s a book filled with random creative prompts. Every page comes with a set of instructions with what to do with the book or specific pages within it. My sister showed me another book by Keri Smith called Wreck This Journal (that’s really what you do with it) and I thought that was pretty fun so I decided to give this book a go.

First thing I had to do with this? Take it everywhere I go for one week. So I decided I should take photos with my one week travel buddy. This is its travel diary.

Leaving my friend’s apartment in Waegwan. Tiptoe tiptoe. She has to go to work but I was still on vacation.

Waiting for the train…to go home? Nah. More travelling! Let’s go to Daejeon~train station wait

With my friend Erin. We’re in O’World in Daejeon during the Children’s Day weekend. It was a pretty crazy time to be in an amusement park. Cue screaming and running children everywhere. Are we really on vacation? Hahah.
sweetsandbrains-3524.jpgOn the bus back to good ol’Gunsan. Window seats never get old. Plus a snug seat for my new buddy. sweetsandbrains-3560.jpg
sweetsandbrains-3551.jpgDinner in old downtown in Gunsan. sweetsandbrains-3568.jpg
Lazy day watching Tangled with friends Erin and Holly at my teeny weeny apartment.
Facetiming with my awesomesauce sister~
sweetsandbrains-3585.jpgMy buddy came with me to school. This is what it’s like before the kids arrive. I should’ve taken a photo with my kids but when they arrive book buddy is all but forgotten. Hahha. Yes…my desk would drive organised people insane. sweetsandbrains-3601.jpg
Took a break while on a stroll around my favourite park in Gunsan.
sweetsandbrains-3616.jpgDinner and drinks with friends. This place serves 4 dollar cocktails in these bags. Pretty cute. sweetsandbrains-3651.jpg
At a friend’s apartment in Namwon.
Sightseeing at the Chunhyang Theme Park and Garden in Namwon. Namwon is called the City of Love because of the story of Chunhyang and Mong Yong. One of the famous love stories in Korea.
Tim tams and a spectacular view of Namwon atop a pagoda on a hill. It was a mini hike to get up to but so worth it.
Hiking to Baraebong Peak! Blogged about it here.

So those were my adventures with This Is Not a Book. It was pretty fun but I’d rather not have a book on me all the time hahaha, especially when hiking. I might share some of the other things I’ve done with the book next time. See you!


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