Hello internet.
It’s been a while my dear, dear blog. I’m not sure if anyone still checks my blog hahah. I’ve totally placed my little blog space in the back burner. I realise you can only keep up with so many hobbies at one time. Baking and blogging, two things I have been faithful to for years became the side shows as painting, travelling and generally more socialising took their places. I can’t really say that I regret it…it’s not like I’ve totally left these activities behind. Living in Korea on my own has really changed some things about me.

Have you seen the film, Yes Man? I really liked Zooey Deschanel but what’s even more remarkable than her quirky character was Jim Carrey’s ‘Yes Man’ character (obvs). Sure, it’s an exaggeration and it’s wrong but I really liked that whole mentality. I try to live like that here. When you know that you have such limited time you just want to take in as much as possible. Yes to all the things! Try everything at least once. So yes to all the travels, the 6 hour bus rides, the hours and hours of hiking, the Seoul nightlife, the flavoured makgeolli and soju, that bike ride, that island, the bungee jumping, the paragliding and even the asking someone out for the first time thing. Sometimes I wish that I kept a ‘first time’ jar in my apartment – where I placed a memento of whatever I did for the first time. I would need another jar by now. Life’s fun.

So it’s been a while. A long long long one. Catching up to all the things, food and travel-wise would make my head spin so here’s a softer way to get back into the sway of things. Four Others Under the Rainbow. Four random things I share – I almost forgot about this FOUR thing. So here’s me trying to be a blogger again…

ONE 하나
Entranced by the spider web. This was outside the Ice Museum in Jeju island. The bushes and trees were lit with spotlights of varying colours. I’m no stranger to web-filled bushes during summertime in Korea. In some places, webs can be so thick you’d think someone mistook August for Halloween. But this lighting makes the whole thing special~ It also helps that spiders remind me of someone I like hahahah.
This one’s a pretty throwback shot, season-wise. Spring blossoms. I was meeting my friend when I took this photo of her. Cherry blossoms and the golden hour, what more can you ask for? I also just want to add that the thought of not being in Korea next spring sends a pang to my chest. I just want to have perpetual spring- frozen in a moment of cherry blossom showers.
Rushing water. I love how it dances and it crashes in the same motion. This was taken in the area near Cheonjiyeon Falls in Jeju. It’s one of those times when I was like, yay for lens number two~
Reflection. Also taken around the Cheonjiyeon Falls area. I know…I have two photos from the area but not the actual falls. Hahah. That place was just so beautiful. It was just a shame we were rushing through it. So many things to see in Jeju and they’re far apart from each other. I really wished I knew how to drive then.

That was my FOUR post~ [after so long, gosh hahah] Catch you later!

Abrupt ending *shrug* hahah


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