There’s quite a chill that’s slowly creeping in each day. Autumn is definitely here. It’s time to unravel all the knits I’ve hidden away for months. I love transition weather so I like autumn. But my heart belongs to spring. I can’t help it. It also helps that back home in good ol’ Auckland it’s spring.

Falling leaves aside, let me indulge myself on a few throwback moments from the past seasons~

This lovely path somewhere in Eunpa Lake Park here in Gunsan, South Korea. The first time I walked on this path it was the golden hour and I just had to stop and marvel at this stretch of road with the daisies on its sides and the lake beyond. I don’t know how many times I’ve told people about how much I love the golden hour and how incredible everything looks. Just nature, damn, you make me weak at the knees every time. I had to come back with my camera before the flowers dry up and wilt away. Riding my bike through this was exquisite. If I were to have a montage of my whole life I’d like that beautiful moment of aloneness to be featured in it.
You’re a lone flower
A lily at golden hour
An early bloomer
I imagine this as the perfect rendezvous spot for a couple of young lovers. The place where a young man promises to return to his high school sweetheart after his mandatory time at the military. The young woman with patient eyes gazes at him for a moment then looks at their shadows beneath the tree, forever intertwined.
The only thing on this list that wasn’t taken at Eunpa Lake Park and wasn’t a spring time moment. This was taken on a ferry from Seonyudo island (on my third trip to it) as we made our way back to Gunsan. The weather was supposed to be stormy that weekend. But we really wanted to go to the island. Most of the day turned out to be picture perfect weather. The clouds only started rolling in past mid-day as if saying, “We’re letting you have your moment, your belated birthday present”. I love how even as we were leaving, the wind was blowing like crazy but the rays of light kept breaking through the ominous clouds telling them “Their day’s not over. Wait, just wait”.
Appreciate it.

I don’t know why I’m such a cheeseball in this post. *shrugs* Perhaps it’s the threat of a cold muddling my mind, or the thunderstorm outside my window right now. Maybe it’s listening to The Kooks while trying to telepathically make someone miss me oh geez staaahhhp already. Anyways see you on the next post which may or may not be drowning in sentimentality already.


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