Small things

Hi bloggo world this is Nelli.

It’s been a long time. About a year really since I last tried the blogging thing. There’s been many things that kept me away for so long. Laziness, new hobbies and pursuits. Interestingly, I’ve had so much I wanted so share, so many photos to sort through and show people…so many stories. So here I am. Trying out this thing again. The holidays is a nice downtime to try this all out again, not to mention this will be a nice coping thing for all the nostalgia that’s been filling me up as of late. Oh let’s see how this goes.

Ah sometimes it’s the small things I miss, like the tiny apartment I had with its cherry blossom walls. The friends. It’s summer in New Zealand and I found photos of my friends and I just watching Tangled and having ice cream to escape from the hot and humid Korean summer. Sweet, sweet and wonderfully cheap Korean ice cream.
sweetsandbrains-3570.jpg sweetsandbrains-3571.jpg
sweetsandbrains-3572.jpg sweetsandbrains-3575.jpg

Ah some nostalgia. Maybe I’ll go raid the nearest Asian mart here in Auckland and find me some Korean ice cream!


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