Why are you back?

Yes good question, self. IMG_1817

I’ve been talking to myself and to my friends how I “used to blog” or “was a food blogger”. I really enjoyed those times and it was mostly time management and laziness that slowly got me out. I always looked back at some of my old entries and remember fondly how life was and how nice it was to have a retelling of those times. Every time I clicked my url it was a constant throwback thursday to 20 year old Nelli melting chocolate or 24 year old Nelli climbing mountains. baraebong

I’m also back because it’s a self-care thing. I’m older and life is different. I’m not just a uni student who lives at home and bakes cookies 24/7. I’m not even that post-uni kid who’s living carefree overseas. I think no matter how solid you feel about who you are, there is always a time when you momentarily lose track of it. I feel like I’ve been crossing that mental street too often these days. Life is tough and I need my thoughts gathered, challenge my thinking and kickstart my creative habits for myself again. Let’s have a crack at this again. One week at a time.

I’m back Sweets and Brains. Not so sweet but there’s a lot brewing in my brain.



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