Chilling at Oyster and Wine Festival 2018

September has been a great but rough month. I happily turned 28 – I’m the youngest I’ll ever be now, right? But I also had my first injury from Hapkido – one leg sweep (seemed as normal as many I’ve had) and my knee was kaput. That was the day after my birthday – first time I had ever been to the hospital for myself. Then not too long after that I had the flu – I would cough so hard I get back pains. It felt like the proverbial cherry on top of a challenging year. Boy oh boy.

As I was getting out of the flu, my family decided we were going to Matakana for the Oyster and Wine Festival. Yaaas!!! Indulgence! My knee happily taped up and my meds taken for the day, we had a little roadtrip up good ol’ Matakana. It’s been a while since we had an outing like this since my sister and I moved out of our parents’ place at the beginning of the year. (Man when I review this year it’ll make my head spin)
sweetsandbrains-8399.jpg But hey wine and oysters! As soon as we got in we just had to get oyster fritters. I feel like it’s one of the almost fanciest things you can put on plain white bread. Taking a photo of this made me think…how did I do this before? My lens’ auto focus stopped working a long time ago so I could just laugh at myself at the trouble I went through to take some oysters on bread. Just imagine… hahasweetsandbrains-8398.jpg
sweetsandbrains-8403.jpg The family set up camp near the stage and semi-lying on that picnic mat with wine and food was a slice of heaven. Live music playing the chillest tunes (they played some dancey stuff just in time for the wine to kick and people loosened up to the grassy dancefloor) sweetsandbrains-8400.jpg
sweetsandbrains-8407.jpg sweetsandbrains-8410.jpg
sweetsandbrains-8402.jpg An interesting find was this burger with squid ink bun from Manila Eats. Nothing peculiar with the taste but that’s one instagrammable bread. sweetsandbrains-8412.jpg
sweetsandbrains-8414.jpg Coming all the way to Matakana for some burger and chips hahah okay okay oysters too…And a beautiful spring day. Can we always have spring days like this? Can the random cold days stop cutting in? sweetsandbrains-8415.jpg
Can’t help but grab some cheese and pate because…wine and cheese is the classic. sweetsandbrains-8417.jpg
Always end on a sweet note. Because, why not? Churros will always remind me of market thursdays in uni back in the day when the churro truck would grace its presence to us freedom deprived students.
Man…thank the universe I’m not a student anymore. Life is hard but if I can fall asleep on a mat with loud music on in a public place, I’m alright. I know how to chill.


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