GAOP: Walk on By

I’m moody about shift dresses. They’re so comfortable you can sleep on it but they also tend to look like maternity dresses. “But pregnancy is beautiful, Christienne!” Yeah, whatever. I can pass for a 12-year-old sometimes (I blame the baby face and being vertically challenged) so seeing a PREGNANT teeny bopper-looking girl may be a little unnerving. There are days, though, when comfort kicks vanity’s … Continue reading GAOP: Walk on By

GAOP: Baroque your head off!

I’m back with baroque prints, Cleopatra eyes and a pun! This GAOP goes to y’all who are on their last minute outfit hunt to strut this New Year’s Eve. For this outfit, I got to use my Drive lipstick and Beauty UK eye colours together – both of my new favourite cosmetics these days! Baroque print is a really good excuse to wear my hair … Continue reading GAOP: Baroque your head off!

GAOP: Fall Out Fangirl

Hello hello. Gasp! An Outfit Post has a new intro photo. Again. This time I finally drew a cartoon version of my sis and an updated version of me. My sister’s cartoon was inspired by this GAOP and her top in another GAOP. My cartoon was inspired by this GAOP. Our cartoons don’t have a lot expression because they’re supposed to be vogue-ing and also … Continue reading GAOP: Fall Out Fangirl