Banana Cupcakes

안녕하세요! Hello! Kumusta! Hola! こんにちは! I thought I had to beef up the  greeting a bit because I’ve been away for a while. Haha. (Small tidbit: I cheated with the Japanese characters…I can’t read them haha I copied from google. But the hangul is all me 😀 I even had to respell it because I get ㅔand ㅐmixed up. Mwhaha…진자?! Oh don’t know how long … Continue reading Banana Cupcakes

Brownie Hearts with Almond Cream

Happy Valentines Day! How are you celebrating heart’s day? I spent most of mine trying not to fall asleep inside a lecture theatre. I am super duper sleepy today. Maybe I should’ve skipped this day and just went back to sleep for the whole day. Haha. Even though I’m not very fond of this holiday (it’s not even a holiday) I wouldn’t pass up on … Continue reading Brownie Hearts with Almond Cream

Mochi mochi donuts and Happy New Year!

Hello hello hello! Happy New Year everybody! Congratulations on surviving the Mayan apocalypse and moving on to 2013. Woohooo! Thank you for following my blog and staying despite my randomness. To all the interweb passerbys, hi there and hope you stick around for 2013! So here’s the last post for 2012. Mochi mochi donuts! Anything round is supposed to be a good thing when celebrating … Continue reading Mochi mochi donuts and Happy New Year!

Nutella Banana Cake

Hi there! Look what I’ve got! Nutella! Yeah! I mean c’mon who doesn’t love nutella? Everytime my parents bring nutella from the grocery I have a little dance inside my head. But almost any hazelnut chocolate spread makes me happy. Hmm…note to self make my own hazelnut spread/gianduja. It just makes everything more awesome. Toast in the morning? Put nutella and bam! Here’s another example: … Continue reading Nutella Banana Cake

Banana Bread and Bloggers

Happy Auckland Day! Yay! I wish I have an Auckland thing or Kiwi themed post right now but I just knew it was Auckland Day today. I should’ve made a pavlova or some lamingtons. But oh well, better luck next year. Haha Today instead I have banana bread. Lots of people have made banana bread, are we all a bunch of monkeys forgetting to eat … Continue reading Banana Bread and Bloggers