Kitchener Street Cafe

I’ve been reading a novel by Matthew Quick called The Good Luck of Right Now. The title came from the main character’s mom’s philosophy that good stuff and bad stuff happen simultaneously all over the world to balance each other. If you’re experiencing unfortunate events, someone somewhere in the world is experiencing good stuff in their life. The book’s protagonist also called it synchronicity as he … Continue reading Kitchener Street Cafe

Carrot Muffins

Ants, again. Last time, cookies. This time they’re in muffins. Hahah. I don’t want to neglect the black sesame seeds in the pantry so here they are again, making a comeback. Here are sesame seeds’ bandmates in this comeback. They’re totally shredding and mixing it up. The heat is on for their comeback performance. Now they’re rising in the charts, yay! Okay I don’t know … Continue reading Carrot Muffins

Red Bean and Nutella Dorayaki

Greetings from little Ms. Late Poster. My sister always puts her posts up on time and I’m just….late. Haha. Anyways lateness aside it’s almost the semester break for me. Wooo! I only need one more assignment to submit and it’s making a website relating any activity to maths, science and technology. Of course I picked baking. Mwahahaha. I just need to be convincing and I’m … Continue reading Red Bean and Nutella Dorayaki

Olive Oil Lemon Pound Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Hello there. I’m a little late on the blog posting again. But you know…whatever. The best thing about blogging (mostly for myself) is that there are no deadlines, right? But then I’d still have a little itch in my mind telling me “Oi, you haven’t posted yet” but  it’s not as annoying as “Oi, your reflections and learning stories should be done by sunday.” Dun … Continue reading Olive Oil Lemon Pound Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Microwaved Brownies

Hello hello! Wow would you look at that, I’m posting again! Yes yes. I’m compensating for those times I’ve been neglecting my blog. The thing is, I didn’t stop making food. It was just that blogging wasn’t on the to-do list when cramming for assignments. It’s midsemester break this week and next week so….Yay! Speaking of other things I’m going back to, Fall Out Boy! … Continue reading Microwaved Brownies